Week of July 3, 2017

We have a mix of choppy waters and smooth sailing this week. The rough waters are due to the Cancer planets under pressure. Then Mercury and Venus change signs within a day of each other, adding more fire and air to the sky. We also have a serious minded Full Moon in Capricorn to look forward to this weekend.

Let’s start with those pesky aspects to Mercury, the Sun and Mars in Cancer. Shortly before Mercury leaves Cancer’s waters for fiery Leo on Wednesday, it will square Uranus in Aries on Tuesday. Verbal battles could explode out of nowhere with painful results. We need to be extra careful about what we say and who we say it to or risk harming an important relationship.

Wednesday the Cancer Sun will be trine Neptune in Pisces and square Jupiter in Libra. The first aspect is very empathetic and forgiving while the second one is anything but. We could end up with a serious case of cognitive dissonance which is bound to give all concerned big headaches. The aspect at the heart of this is the final inconjunct between Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces which occurs Tuesday night. The lack of clarity brought into play by this inconjunct will gradually clear up by the end of the week.

The final pair of harsh aspects happens on Sunday when Mars in Cancer is inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and the Cancer Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Of the two, the Mars-Saturn inconjunct will probably be the most crazy-making since Cancer and Sagittarius find each other’s motives incomprehensible. When Cancer feels threatened it retreats into its shell but Sagittarius runs out the door for the freedom of wide open spaces. Cancer’s focus is on home and family while Sagittarius loves to explore foreign lands. The Cancer Sun may very easily choose to cooperate with Pluto in Capricorn if it feels Pluto can protect it from forces that threaten ideals of home and family so dear to Cancer. Another option might be to work on finding a healthy balance between our home life and our professional lives. Both of these aspects are key players on the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Mercury and Venus both make harmonious aspects to Chiron in Pisces shortly before both change signs. On Monday Venus in Taurus is sextile Chiron and on Wednesday Mercury is trine Chiron. Both promote making loving gestures and healing words a top priority.

On Tuesday Venus dances into spritely Gemini and turns on the charm. When Mercury arrives in lordly Leo on Wednesday it too will turn to the bright side and take on a much more optimistic outlook. Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini will make an exact sextile on Friday, perfect for enjoying social activities of all types.

The lunar week starts off on a watery note with a happy Scorpio Moon enjoying being part of a Grand Trine in water with the Cancer Sun and Neptune in Pisces. This ought to give a nice flow to the day since there will be five planets in water (Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces). (F.Y.I. to water signs, Monday and Tuesday are going to be the last days for quite awhile with water and earth in abundance.)

We’re lucky to have another Grand Trine in water on Tuesday to help offset the effects of an unpredictable Mercury-Uranus square. The Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces harmonize beautifully and add much needed empathy to the atmosphere. The Scorpio Moon will go void-of-course Tuesday evening and dash into fiery Sagittarius during the night. Take extra care to play nice today whether you have to work or are enjoying the Fourth of July Holiday here in the US.

We wake up to a very different tone on Wednesday because not only is the Moon in fiery Sagittarius but Venus shifted into playful Gemini yesterday and Mercury enters outgoing Leo Wednesday evening. The Sagittarius Moon herself makes no aspects until before dawn on Thursday, giving us a day to embrace the freewheeling Sagittarius goodness. With fire and air back in ascendance, the atmosphere is less reactive and people will be more open to socializing again.

On Thursday, the Sagittarius Moon will enjoy her monthly sextile to Jupiter in Libra well before daybreak, and then does not make another aspect until she conjoins Saturn Thursday evening. Thursday and Friday appear to be the most productive days this week with Thursday being the better day for meetings. Having a preponderance of fire and air also lifts our spirits and gives our energy a boost.

Friday we start off with the Sagittarius Moon going void-of-course for around three hours before she enters industrious Capricorn midday. Once she is in Capricorn she’ll make no major aspects for over twenty four hours. For those who need to focus on finishing up their work week in style, the Capricorn Moon should prove very helpful because she knows how to work efficiently.

The Moon will remain in Capricorn for the weekend, and this Moon isn’t exactly a party animal . . . well, she can be but only under the right circumstances. This weekend doesn’t look like it will bring those. On Saturday the Moon squares Jupiter in Libra late afternoon/early evening not too long before the Full Moon in Capricorn happening during the night. Practical tasks are favored both Saturday and Sunday. Some may choose to go into the office to work, while others will focus on working around the home.

An irritating event hits us on Sunday when the Capricorn Moon opposes Mars in Cancer in the morning and goes on to square Uranus in Aries during the evening. We’ll also be absorbing the impact of the Full Moon in Capricorn at the same time, so my recommendation is to channel any excess energy into simple, productive projects. In other words, we need to do something to keep our bodies moving but allow our minds to run free.

We have a very active sky this week with plenty of major aspects and two planets changing signs plus a Full Moon in Capricorn. Please do your best to go with the flow and be patient with those who aren’t. Something else we’ll need to adjust to is the week starting off on the damp side and ending up hot and dry. There is no better time to practice kindness, tolerance and forgiveness!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Fountain Grass © Ron Cameron


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