Optimistic Sagittarius Moon hands off to pragmatic Capricorn today 7-7-2017



The Moon starts her day in Sagittarius, enjoying a trine to eccentric Uranus in Aries first thing this morning. After that she’ll be void-of-course until midday when she enters pragmatic Capricorn for the weekend, pulling our attention back to practicalities. The upbeat energy during the morning is great for connecting with people and putting a positive spin on your messages. Once the Capricorn Moon is in charge, she’ll make it clear it’s time to quit fooling around and get to work. The Capricorn Moon makes no major aspects for over twenty four hours . . . may as well get busy! 🌠☽♐🌠➱🌠☽♑🌠

A very pleasant, congenial aspect is in play today – a sextile between Mercury in fiery Leo and Venus in witty Gemini. This playful, cheerful aspect will offset the dour Capricorn Moon and those who are in the mood to party this evening ought to have a great time. The elements are balanced now and that allows us more options.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sagittarius © Heidi