Full Moon in Capricorn dominates the day 7-8-2017

The Capricorn Moon spends most of the day moving at her own pace since the first aspect she makes today is a calming sextile to Neptune in Pisces late afternoon. Shortly after that a disruptive square to Jupiter in Libra may interfere with whatever sense of peace we developed and put us back on edge. The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs around midnight. 🌠🌕♑🌠

This atmosphere this weekend is better for working on something constructive rather than running around playing. Some may decide they need to follow up with work related matters or choose to do some deep cleaning around the house. Full Moons are the time to review what we’ve accomplished since the New Moon and decide where we want to focus our attention for the next couple of weeks. This particular Full Moon in industrious Capricorn may reveal yet another layer with issues we may thought we had put to rest.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Capricorn © Laura Ashford -Fine Art

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