Pisces Moon meanders along today 7-14-2017

We do start the day with a sense of purpose due to Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Cancer helping keep the Pisces Moon lined out. However after the Pisces Moon goes void-of-course midday that changes and we can drift off course in short order. Take care of important matters early in the day and keep it simple during the afternoon. Once the Moon charges into Aries late afternoon/early evening, our energy should revive enough to enjoy doing something special this evening. 🌠☾♓🌠➱🌠☾♈🌠

Two very different aspects create the potential for cognitive dissonance today. First there is an uncomfortable inconjunct between the Cancer Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius bluntness can put Cancer on the defensive, the perfect breeding ground for resentment because nobody does guilt like Cancer. Ugh. On a happier note, Mercury in Leo is sextile Jupiter in Libra, a very optimistic aspect. This one will make pragmatic types roll their eyes but even they will probably leave smiling.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Pisces © Pat Brennan


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