Week of July 17, 2017

So much for peace and quiet! This week the volume is turned up to high, largely because Mars and the Sun both stride into lordly Leo this week. But before either planet leaves Cancer, they will take turns squaring Uranus in Aries, something guaranteed to stir the pot. This week ends with a very Leo New Moon, full of drama and excitement.

Mars in Cancer will square Uranus in Aries on Monday and the Cancer Sun squares Uranus on Thursday. A rebellious streak may emerge resulting in unexpected problems, especially where family is concerned. Uranus is often associated with the teenage years when children start to pull away from the family unit. We could see the same sort of behaviors on a larger scale. If you are out and about, please watch out for erratic drivers and episodes of road rage.

The Universe is kind though, because after Mars and the Sun square Uranus, they will both be trine the healer, Chiron in Pisces. This will be the last aspect they make before moving on into sunny Leo. If people are willing to acknowledge their harsh behaviors and make genuine apologies, it should be possible to move past the pain and mend fences.

Mars escapes from Cancer on Thursday, rushing into fiery Leo where he is far more comfortable. Mars in Leo is strong, forthright though a tad lazy . . . lions due love to take frequent, leisurely naps after all.

The Sun makes its entrance into bold Leo on Saturday, joining Mercury and Mars in the fire sign. This tips the balance strongly to fire and air, something many will welcome after a damp, contentious Cancer Season. There will be five planets in fire signs (Leo Sun, Mercury in Leo, Mars in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries) plus the Moon’s weekly visit to a fire sign. It is time to slow down and take more time to play or exercise our creativity. Leo can also open our hearts, always a good thing.

Quirky Venus in Gemini has her ups and downs this week. She will sail off into la la land on Monday when she squares Neptune in Pisces. As long as we are clear about the difference between fantasy and reality, we can enjoy the romantic silliness this aspect can engender. On Tuesday Venus will be happily trine Jupiter in Libra, perfect for having a great time with our friends and lovers. A less cheerful aspect comes up on Thursday when Venus in Gemini is inconjunct party pooper, Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn can be extra rigid when faced with Gemini’s lighthearted antics.

One of the more productive aspects this week is a trine between Mercury in dramatic Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. We can take our creative ideas and make them happen under this influence. This is an excellent combination of inspiration plus practicality.

The New Moon in Leo happens Sunday and it is very Leo with an emphasis in fixed fire. It ought to spark fresh ideas as well as a few dramatic confrontations. Cultivate the best side of Leo . . . the warm heartedness, genial charm and playfulness.

The Moon spends several days this week going her own way with the days in between heavily aspected. Those sensitive to the Moon may notice their mood swings are more pronounced than usual.

The week starts with the calm, centered Moon in Taurus. She entered Taurus during the night and makes no aspects until the middle of the night on Monday. Hopefully the Taurus Moon will help smooth over the fretting caused by Mars in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries today. Draw on the steadying Taurus energy to pace yourself as you go about your day.

Tuesday the overall tone is less chaotic and the Taurus Moon starts the morning bolstered by a trine to powerful Pluto in Capricorn and ends her day enjoying feeling nurtured by sextiles to the Cancer Sun and Chiron in Pisces. If we’re willing to step back from other people’s drama and mind our own business, this can end up being a good work day followed by a pleasant evening at home.

During Tuesday night, the Moon leaves earthy Taurus for chatty Gemini. She won’t make any aspects Wednesday until close to midnight. That means we get to enjoy the Gemini Moon with no strings attached. Sharing information should go well as long as we steer clear of emotional issues since the Gemini Moon is not comfortable with those.

Thursday the Gemini Moon conjoins Venus at dawn, always a good way to begin the morning! Afternoon brings a sobering opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius that ought to remind us we have to keep our noses to the grindstone at work. The idea of dashing off with friends to play during the evening is enhanced by the Gemini Moon sextile playful Mercury in Leo. During the night the Moon transitions from Gemini to Cancer.

We wake up Friday morning to the Moon in Cancer who won’t make any aspects until after midnight. This is also the last full day the Sun will be in Cancer (it moves into Leo Saturday morning), so we get one last double dose of Cancer influence. Never the less, the sky is still tilted to cardinal fire which gives an Aries feel to the day. If we put this assertive energy to good use, we can finish up our work week in good order.

The better choice for play time this weekend is Sunday by far. Saturday we have a rather cranky Cancer Moon to deal with. An opposition to controlling Pluto in Capricorn can sour her mood first thing in the morning though she might start feeling better by midday. Around midnight the Cancer Moon will square Uranus in Aries before going void-of-course until the wee hours Sunday morning.

Sunday is the New Moon in Leo with Mars closely conjoining the luminaries, all happening around daybreak. After that the Leo Moon enjoys a day free of interference and invites us all to be playful and make good use of our creativity. Take the day to relax the mind and the body while allowing the impact of the New Moon to settle in.

With so much celestial activity this week, we need to take advantage of any free moment we have to breathe. The transition from water to fire is rather steamy this time with Mars arriving in Leo a few days ahead of the Sun. We might need to give ourselves a stern talking to this week about minding our own business, especially when it comes to family. Hanging on too tightly will only make those seeking their independence fight more frantically to be free. Take care and always choose kindness!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Mt Rainier  © Ron Cameron