Week of July 31, 2017

We have another week with relatively calm skies. This week Venus will leave flirtatious Gemini for Cancer where she is more comfortable entertaining at home. Uranus in Aries stations retrograde midweek and we have the final Jupiter in Libra-Pluto in Capricorn square to contend with.

Venus in Cancer is sensitive, retiring and enjoys pleasing her loved ones in the comfort of her home. Of the two Venus ruled signs, Taurus will be much happier with Venus in Cancer than Libra who has enjoyed having Venus in airy Gemini. Taurus and Cancer are happiest showing affection with good food and plenty of hugs.

It will be late Wednesday-early Thursday when Uranus stations retrograde at 28° 32′ Aries. In my experience the side effects of Uranus stations tend to show up before the actual event but not always. Uranus is nothing if not unpredictable. Often the glitches are similar to those that occur when Mercury is stationing retrograde. This event will affect those with personal planets and/or Ascendant from 27° to 29° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) the most.

The final square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn occurs on Friday at 17° 31′. This stressful aspect has highlighted the differences between those seeking justice and equality for all and those desperate to remain in control no matter what. Some may have revisited issues from the Uranus square Pluto years with mixed results. I’m thinking when Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10 we may have better luck since Scorpio is far better at negotiating with Capricorn than Libra.

Over the weekend, the Leo Sun will be inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. Bring out the sequins and spotlights because these two planets both know how to project a glamorous façade. We can have a grand time playing as long as we keep one foot firmly planted on the ground. This is a good time to have a designated driver available to make sure everyone gets home safely.

There is nothing like having the Scorpio Moon void-of-course all day Monday to get the week off to a sluggish start. The fixed Scorpio Moon is determined to set her own pace and rushing around isn’t her style under the best of circumstances. Follow your usual Monday routines and know the pace picks up on Tuesday.

Other than needing to remember to use some tact during the morning, it’s going to be a full steam ahead Sagittarius Moon sort of day on Tuesday. If you don’t want to ruin date night, please apply the same tact during the evening when the Sagittarius Moon squares Mercury in Virgo. Some truths are best kept to one’s self, OK?!

Wednesday is an odd day with a square between the Sagittarius Moon and Neptune in Pisces creating confusion first thing in the morning. Things will make more sense late afternoon/early evening when she enjoys a sextile Jupiter in Libra. Since Wednesday night is when Uranus in Aries stations retrograde, evening plans could be subject to change without notice.

Before dawn on Thursday the Sagittarius Moon conjoins Saturn, always a firm reminder to be responsible to our loved ones. A late afternoon trine to wild-eyed Uranus in Aries by the Sagittarius Moon could inspire all sorts of things but since the Moon will be void-of-course after that for a couple of hours nothing may come of those ideas. Once the Moon shifts into reserved Capricorn she will bring a measure of orderly calm with her.

I do like the trine between the Capricorn Moon and Mercury in Virgo Friday morning for increasing productivity at work. Ignore invitations to run off and play during the afternoon if you can because the boss is not likely to be pleased. A pleasant Capricorn Moon-Neptune in Pisces sextile eases us into dream land Friday night.

The weekend is split between Saturday under the aegis of a workaday Capricorn Moon pushing us to stay busy attending to our responsibilities, and Sunday featuring a cool Aquarius Moon. Very early Saturday morning the Moon will engage the Jupiter in Libra-Pluto in Capricorn square which might leave unsettled feelings lasting for a few hours. After that the Capricorn Moon will travel unaspected until after midnight Saturday night. Formal occasions fare better than casual events under the Capricorn Moon.

The Moon enters Aquarius first thing Sunday morning and won’t make any major aspects for the rest of the day. We may want to give some time to our favorite cause on Sunday. Choosing between family time and meetings with associates Sunday evening may cause some friction.

I suspect how intense our week is may depend on how strongly the Jupiter-Pluto square and Uranus stationing retrograde triggers our natal charts. For many people these events are more likely to play out in the news cycle. Do consider giving more quality attention to family and loved ones with Venus in nurturing Cancer . . . always good for promoting harmony in the home.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Richly colored Sunflower  © Diane Lang

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