Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, August 7, 2017

On the surface of things, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15° 25′ Aquarius on 7 August 2017, 11:11 AM PDT is very positive, expansive and full of promise. However there are undercurrents and hidden agendas we’ll need to keep an eye on.

The best and brightest face of this lunation has to do with Jupiter in Libra. He is trine the Aquarius Moon and sextile the Leo Sun. All together this promotes a positive attitude which is often the key to finding the best possible outcome, whether it is on a personal level or in the big picture working for the collective.

What may cause us to seriously misjudge a situation we’re involved in is having Neptune in Pisces making awkward aspects to the luminaries. Neptune is inconjunct the Leo Sun-Mars and semi-sextile the Aquarius Sun. This sets up the potential for doing things like over-promising, especially on the behalf of others. We could end up with serious egg on our faces if we aren’t very careful about doing our homework and making sure everyone involved is on-board before committing to our desired course of action. With Neptune we may not realize until well after the fact there were problems. Be careful!

A more helpful factor is Jupiter in Libra making a waxing sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius which offers support for doing some upfront fact checking. Jupiter in Libra is still involved in a square to Pluto in Capricorn and that’s why I suspect we’re going to be tripping over hidden agendas. As individuals we can work hard to carefully examine our motives and be as honest as possible with ourselves about why we’re choosing to pursue something.

Helping keep lines of communications open is a kindly sextile between Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Cancer. Be sure to tune into the non-verbal side of communications because both Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Cancer favor simple but heartfelt ways to get their point across. This aspect is very good for working out issues in relationships with thoughtful gestures instead of too many pretty words.

In my opinion, Uranus in Aries is unaspected during this lunar eclipse because I favor tight orbs . . . however Uranus will be a major player in the following Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21. That’s not to say Uranus can’t stir the pot because that’s what Uranus does.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is always a good time to review long term goals and devote attention to how we can contribute to the greater good. Helping create a better world is something that never goes out of fashion. Even small contributions count!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Peter Kirschner | Dreamstime.com


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