Week of August 7, 2017

There is a surprising amount of upbeat energy this week along with some not so great moments. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius starts the week off with much the same theme, looking good on the surface but with darker currents running beneath. And towards the latter part of the week we have Mercury in Virgo slowing to station retrograde over the weekend. *sigh*

Monday is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and drawing on Aquarius’s dispassionate side may be the best way to keep a clear head. We’ll need one to avoid subtle miscues and hidden agendas.

There are a couple of challenging aspects this week. One is on Wednesday when the Leo Sun is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Leo and Capricorn have trouble coming to any kind of understanding in part because the former is such a vibrant, outgoing extrovert and the latter is a restrained, very private introvert. And that’s not even getting into Pluto in Capricorn’s need for total control. One way this one can get us in trouble is forgetting those quiet neighbors may not appreciate loud parties and could call the cops to shut it down.

On Thursday Mars in Leo with be inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. This can be very enervating as well as causing some to lose their way when traveling. Neptune’s general fogginess makes staying on track difficult at times and we can use a great deal of energy running in circles. Take extra time to verify all pertinent information before setting out.

After we make it past the Mars-Neptune inconjunct on Thursday, we can enjoy several upbeat aspects through Sunday. A very optimistic sextile between the Leo Sun and Jupiter in Libra late Thursday helps improve our attitude in general. Then there is a delightful Venus in Cancer-Neptune in Pisces trine on Friday which is perfect for adding a romantic note. On Sunday Saturn in Sagittarius steadies the Leo Sun, giving us an opportunity to stay level headed for Mercury stationing retrograde.

Speaking of Mercury retrograde . . . Mercury will be stationing retrograde on Saturday at 11° 38 Virgo. Typically Mercury hits its station degree about three days before it stations and remains there for about three days afterwards. My observations from years of following Mercury retrogrades are we can navigate them fine as long as we slow down and double check the facts frequently. They happen three or four times a year and most of us muddle through OK.

The week opens with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Monday and the Aquarius Moon is in fine form all day. In fact, both Monday and Tuesday are very favorable for the Aquarius Moon and for us. The energy flow is more consistent than usual and the Aquarius Moon helps us maintain perspective. Monday is better for bouncing ideas off your partner and/or coworkers as well as reviewing progress to date.

Tuesday the Moon remains in Aquarius until afternoon before making a friendly sextile to Uranus in Aries. After that she will be briefly void-of-course before gliding into watery Pisces later in the afternoon. Once the Moon is in Pisces it will be Wednesday morning before she makes any aspects. Focus on getting as much done as possible on Monday and Tuesday while there is still some clarity. After that Mercury slowing to a crawl may create communication issues.

A soothing trine between the Pisces Moon and Venus in Cancer Wednesday morning keeps things pleasant but once the Pisces Moon opposes Mercury in Virgo midday, the ability to keep track of details starts to become evident. When the Moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces late afternoon/early evening, confusion may really set in. Stick with simple, established guidelines and confirm data before passing it on.

Don’t expect matters to improve Thursday either since the Pisces Moon goes void-of-course following a restrictive square to Saturn in Sagittarius during the morning. She won’t change signs until late Thursday night when she dashes into Aries. Mercury is practically at full stop from Thursday thru the following Wednesday, the most intense period of the Mercury station. We are officially in “measure twice, cut once” territory.

Friday may feel like we can make things happen under a unaspected very Aries Moon but that could be misleading. If we push ahead too hard, we’ll know it Friday night when the Moon squares Venus in Cancer and those closest to us start grumbling.

Tread carefully early Saturday morning when the Aries Moon triggers the waning Jupiter-Pluto square. If we can manage that OK, the midday Grand Trine in fire with the Aries Moon, Leo Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius is wonderful for seeing the positive side. We’ll need a positive attitude because this is also when Mercury stations retrograde.

Sunday ought to be far more laid-back since the Moon ambles into earthy Taurus first thing and makes no aspects until close to midnight. This would be a good day to attend to simple chores around the house such as preparing meals for the coming work week. It would also be a good time to put our feet up and rest for awhile.

Pacing this week is important because if we get in too big a hurry while Mercury in Virgo is slowing to a crawl, the possibility of running into road blocks increases. Mercury is naturally exacting in Virgo and this tendency could increase as we approach the weekend. Hanging on to our sense of humor is a good idea. Be safe and practice patience.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Leo © Xris

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