Week of August 21, 2017

We are blessed with largely harmonious aspects in the week following the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday. Additionally the Sun leaves dramatic Leo for calm, earthy Virgo on Tuesday, while Venus leaves retiring Cancer and makes her entrance into attention loving Leo early Saturday. Friday Saturn will be stationing direct at 21° 11 Sagittarius, beginning the end of its stay in Sagittarius before moving on into Capricorn in December. Since eclipses tend to stir up the atmosphere, we can use the somewhat calmer atmosphere to work on getting back on track.

Having the Sun shift into sensible Virgo immediately following the eclipse is a very good thing in my opinion. We can use Virgo’s ability to restore order and focus on the small things that make up our daily lives . . . that is Virgo’s job after all. This service oriented sign excels at cleaning up after those extravagant Leo parties, something it year after year. The Virgo Sun will conjoin retrograde Mercury on Saturday, emphasizing the need to review what we know to date and prepare to make revisions down the road.

The other planet changing signs this week is Venus. She will be leaving homebody Cancer and join Mars in limelight loving Leo. Having both Venus and Mars in Leo ought to put some pizzazz back in our love lives because Leo is very good at grand romantic gestures. Venus does enjoy being in fiery Leo and happily invites the rest of us to play along with her.

Before Venus leaves Cancer she will have to deal with a square to erratic Uranus in Aries on Thursday. I can see a couple of possibilities for how this may unfold. On one hand, if a relationship is already under stress, a Venus-Uranus square could provide reasons to end it. On the other, Venus in Cancer can settle for a “safe” relationship at times and this square could give her the courage to venture out of her comfort zone.

Saturn in Sagittarius has more impact than usual this week through a stabilizing trine to Mars in Leo on Tuesday and the final sextile to Jupiter in Libra on Sunday. The Mars-Saturn trine in fire is a real workhorse, combining Mars in Leo’s fixed stamina with Saturn in Sagittarius’s focus on what works. Jupiter in Libra is on hand to make sure everyone plays by the rules and encourages win-win scenarios. Nice! Not only that but Saturn stationing direct on Friday deepens Saturn’s ability to keep us moving at a steady pace.

Monday the Leo Moon has a fabulous day taking part in the attention getting New Moon Solar Eclipse. Shortly before the eclipse she is trine Uranus in Aries and after the eclipse, the Moon goes void-of-course for a few hours. She’ll enter Virgo during the afternoon and travels unaspected until early Tuesday morning. Given how distracting the eclipse will be, don’t expect to get much accomplished at work.

It will take awhile on Tuesday to get focused again and the midday opposition between the Virgo Moon and Neptune in Pisces won’t help much. Once the Sun arrives in Virgo during the late afternoon/early evening and the Virgo Moon is trine Pluto in Capricorn, we should be able to begin finding our footing again.

Most of the day on Wednesday the Virgo Moon will be willing to help us keep us on track, and the afternoon sextile between the Moon and Venus in Cancer is quite soothing. After that the Moon will be void-of-course until the evening when she moves into socially aware Libra.

Thursday has an interesting twist to it with a unaspected Libra Moon promoting being an active partner while Venus, Libra’s ruler, makes a challenging square to Uranus in Aries. This sets up some cognitive dissonance and could be problematical for those dealing with relationship issues. Working with others should be fine as long as we respect other people’s opinions and give them plenty of space.

The Libra Moon enjoys a good day on Friday starting with a conjunction to Jupiter and sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius first thing in the morning. A midday sextile to Mars in Leo keeps the energy flowing nicely. This bodes well for meetings and negotiating compromises focused on win-win scenarios. The evening looks quite favorable for date night with our significant others.

The weekend features the Moon in less than sociable Scorpio. Small, intimate gatherings are preferable to big, boisterous events. Saturday the Scorpio Moon is sextile the Virgo Sun and Mercury in Virgo, both of which are perfect for doing some serious housecleaning. It’s a good time to clean the garage and make a trip to your closest recycle place.

The quiet but productive theme continues on Sunday when the Scorpio Moon is sextile Pluto in Capricorn midday. She will continue on unaspected until before dawn on Monday. This is great energy for doing research, grubbing weeds out of flower beds and continuing to deep clean those closets.

Between an overall upbeat sky and the practical Virgo Sun, we should be able to regain a sense of direction this week. The overheated atmosphere of the past couple of weeks, courtesy of the two eclipses, gradually gives way and we may finally start finding ourselves planning ahead. Between Saturn stationing and Mercury being retrograde the pace will probably be quite slow, so plan accordingly. Fresh starts are possible but be sure to tidy up old loose ends first. Take care and always practice kindness.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Black-eyed Susans  © Diane Lang


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