A final burst of fiery Leo

Mercury plodded back into Leo yesterday and will remain there until September 9, moving back and forth over 28° – 29°. It will conjoin Mars in Leo on Sunday and light up the New Moon Solar Eclipse degree. All of this gives us one last outburst of fiery Leo energy for better or worse. People may not react well to having their opinions challenged, and could get down right nasty about it. Dramatic outbursts from those close to us as well as on the news are very possible. When the Moon enters airy Aquarius on Saturday, she adds more air to fuel those fires . . . intense!

One positive note in all of this is Mars is also trine Uranus in Aries on Saturday, a great aspect for discovering new and improved ways to move forward. Once the debris is cleared away after any explosions, we may discover the resulting changes have laid the groundwork for a better tomorrow. After Mars has moved into meticulous Virgo on September 5 (and Mercury is back in Virgo on September 9), their calm, methodical approach will be very helpful.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Roaring Lion © Arwen91