Week of October 16, 2017

We have a calmer week than we’ve enjoyed in awhile as Libra Season comes to a close for another year. We begin to feel the rise of Scorpio energy on Tuesday when Mercury reaches Scorpio, preceding the Sun who arrives on Sunday night/Monday. Mars finally winds up his stay in Virgo on Sunday as well, shifting into fair minded Libra. We can’t overlook the electrifying New Moon in Libra on Thursday either.

The Libra Sun takes its turn aspecting first Saturn in Sagittarius on Monday, followed by an opposition to Uranus in Aries on Thursday. The important factor in my opinion is the Libra Sun, Saturn and Uranus actually forms an essentially harmonious triangle pattern this week. Saturn acts as the voice of reason which in turn helps us sort out the brilliant and workable theories from the overly idealistic ones.

Shortly after Mercury reaches Scorpio it will conjoin Jupiter very early Wednesday morning. Penetrating insights into whatever we’re investigating are par for the course. Psychological themes are emphasized and people are more inclined to dig into the “whys” than usual. This is one of the more restrained Jupiter-Mercury aspects due to the fact Scorpio is on the secretive side and is especially careful about discussing works in progress.

The shift from Virgo to Libra puts Mars in better favor with Saturn in Sagittarius but at odds with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Mars is in his fall in Libra and is not terribly effective. He chooses words as his weapons and suffers from Libra’s tendency to dither. Thankfully he won’t make any major aspects until late November when he squares Pluto in Capricorn. Between now and then he’ll bumble along not making too many waves.

The New Moon in Libra ought to give us a jolt of excitement in a good way. It gives us an opportunity to contemplate what changes we can make in our lives to move forward rather than look back. The New Moon opposition to Uranus in Aries encourages us to see the benefits of relating to another as a fully realized individual, capable of carrying their own weight . . . a very good thing in my opinion.

Nothing like a well aspected hard working Virgo Moon to start the week off on the right foot. A midday trine to Pluto in earthy Capricorn on Monday is great for staying on task and ignoring distractions. This is a good day to pick up any stray pieces that need putting in place, something that needs doing before the New Moon in Libra on Thursday.

Tuesday morning we can lose some momentum after the Virgo Moon goes void-of-course following her conjunction with Mars. When the Moon slips into Libra midday, we get one more taste of Libra sweetness with the Sun, Moon and Venus in that sign. Meetings with our coworkers or partners should go more smoothly than usual. This is also a good evening for socializing.

The Moon spends most of Wednesday dancing peacefully along in Libra, making no major aspects until she squares Pluto in Capricorn in the evening. This means we have a nice block of time to make nice with others and get something accomplished. We are now in the dark of the Moon and that usually is better for cleaning up old business than starting on something new.

Thursday features the New Moon in Libra midday. The highlights are both the Libra Sun and Moon opposing Uranus in Aries. We’ll probably be feeling more independent than usual but if we are open to exploring different ways to work together while respecting the need for autonomy, we can make important breakthroughs in our one-on-one relationships. The energy could be edgy and restless so block in some time for physical activity if possible.

Once the Moon glides into calm Scorpio during the night, the atmosphere should settle down considerably for Friday and Saturday. Early Friday morning the Scorpio Moon conjoins Mercury which is ideal for introspection. Working alone is favored over attempting group projects. A dreamy Moon-Neptune trine late in the day is more conducive to an intimate evening at home than dashing about with lots of people.

There is a similar theme on Saturday where we could find ourselves choosing to be alone or with only our closest companions. We can always use the time to contemplate our next move or work quietly around the home.

Sunday has a much more outgoing atmosphere, thanks to the Moon moving into fiery Sagittarius at dawn. This is the best day to head out the door to play, preferably with a close friend or our significant others. Remember this is the Sun’s last day in affable Libra before moving into Scorpio late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Enjoy!

The transition this week from Libra to Scorpio, along with the New Moon in Libra, has a stronger sense of endings and beginnings than usual. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re moving deeper in autumn with the leaves changing color and the occasional frost nipping at our noses. No need to be in a hurry to implement changes inspired by the New Moon either . . . it is more important to get it right than rush ahead full speed.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sumac and Burning Bush in the frost  © Diane Lang