Week of October 30, 2017

The week starts off quietly and gradually turns up the intensity as we approach the Full Moon in Taurus which occurs November 3-4, depending on where you live. Mercury finishes up its stay in Scorpio on Sunday, dashing into blunt, outspoken Sagittarius.

All the major aspect activity takes place on Thursday and Friday. The parade starts with Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Chiron in Pisces at 24° on Thursday. This could lead to a crisis of faith for some, leaving them feeling even more vulnerable and alone. The conflict between the tenets of a rigid belief system (Saturn in Sagittarius) and our personal spiritual beliefs (Chiron in Pisces) may come into sharp focus which in turn might lead to having to make tough choices. This square will affect those with personal planets and/or Ascendant between 23° and 25° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) most strongly.

Adding more stress to Thursday is a gritty inconjunct between Mercury in stubborn Scorpio and eccentric Uranus in Aries. Fixed Scorpio needs time to adjust to change and Uranus in Aries is noted for giving us none. The most annoying part of any Uranus induced change is planning ahead will only help to some degree. Nonetheless, it won’t hurt to have put together several options to choose from if we need to. Groan.

Friday brings us far more favorable aspects including Venus in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and opposing Uranus in Aries. This lively triangle is great for re-igniting our creativity as well as our relationships. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different.

Another delightful aspect on Friday is a flowing trine between the Scorpio Sun and Neptune in Pisces. This one can heighten our intuitive understanding of the inner workings of Life itself and our appreciation of being a small part of a greater mystery.

All of these aspects are present on the Full Moon in Taurus, one of the more mellow lunations we’ve had recently. Sharing our favorite comfort foods with loved ones is always a great way to celebrate this special Full Moon.

Mercury shifts into energetic, outgoing Sagittarius Sunday and lightens the atmosphere. People will be more willing to see the humor in life again and less inclined to obsess over every little thing . . . Mercury in Scorpio’s downfall.

Monday and Tuesday both have a fluid, watery feel with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in water signs. If we’re willing to use our indoor voices and take a relaxed approach rather than a pushy one, we can be quite productive on the job.

We’ll probably see some very creative costumes on Halloween Tuesday! The Pisces Moon plus all those Scorpio planets are going to be great for getting in the spirit of things. We still need to stay on task at work and an afternoon square between the Pisces Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius looks like a reminder to do just that. After that the Moon will be void-of-course until close to midnight when she reaches fiery Aries.

A more assertive energy arrives with the Aries Moon on Wednesday and a midday opposition to Mars in Libra suggests people are going to be in a more competitive space. Channel that drive into working towards your personal goals if possible.

Thursday has the most edgy energy this week between the aggressive Aries Moon, the Saturn-Chiron square and the Mercury-Uranus inconjunct. This is not the best day to engage in sensitive negotiations and is better spent working on individual projects. An Aries Moon-Saturn in Sagittarius trine during the evening ought to calm things down some.

The Moon ambles into Taurus before dawn on Friday, heading towards the Full Moon very late Friday night (or shortly after midnight in the Eastern time zones). While the Taurus Moon will be opposing the Scorpio planets Friday and Saturday, she will also be trine Neptune in Pisces. I believe we will find it easier to work with others rather than competing like we did on Wednesday and Thursday. Besides the Taurus Moon is easy going in general unless seriously provoked.

On Saturday the Taurus Moon makes no major aspects, making for a restful day with plenty of time to absorb the revelations of the Full Moon the night before. It should be a good day to spend time at home with family, perhaps working in the yard or cooking up something tasty.

We’re greeted Sunday morning by an outgoing Gemini Moon and Mercury newly arrived in adventurous Sagittarius. This is a much better day to head out to play with friends, attend a sporting event or go for a drive in the country. It’s the best day this week to spend with other people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

There is an interesting ebb and flow to this week which starts off with a delightful watery murkiness appropriate for celebrating Halloween/Samhain. Things pick up speed as we draw closer to the Full Moon in Taurus and its revelations. The week does end on a surprisingly bright, cheery note for Scorpio Season.  Not too bad! 😀

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Poplars and morning mist  © Diane Lang