Full Moon in Gemini, December 3, 2017

Reality appears to be going on vacation on this Full Moon at 11° 40′ Gemini, 03 December 2017, 07:48 AM PST. The luminaries create a Mutable T-Square with Neptune in Pisces, dissolving boundaries and opening the door to all sorts of weird and wonderful things. We could veer wildly between seeing others as saints or as sinners with middle ground being very difficult to find.

This quote is from the Shadowscapes Tarot for The Fool card, appropriate for this Gemini Full Moon:

Like The Fool, who is a symbol for new beginnings and adventures, pleasure, passion, thoughtless and rash. We may stand upon the precipice gazing out into the unknown; and there is either an oblivious foolishness to the terrible plunge we may experience, or else a wild spirit of adventure and great faith and knowledge in that which can and will bear us up and guide through the times to come.

Jupiter in Scorpio has an interesting role in this lunation. He is tightly trine Neptune in Pisces, semi-sextile the Sagittarius Sun and inconjunct the Gemini Moon. It is important to choose the high road and act with impeccable integrity at all times in order to avoid getting caught up in murky situations. In part because being able to evaluate the issues accurately is going to be a real challenge.

What will help is Mercury conjoining stable Saturn in Sagittarius, and even though Mercury is still a virtual standstill from stationing retrograde, Saturn may restrain this outspoken Mercury enough to prevent terminal foot-in-mouth. A sextile to Mars in Libra could give our words more punch than usual so we do need to think carefully before speaking. Launching an all out attack on someone based on incorrect information can come back on us with a vengeance, and valuable relationships might be broken beyond all repair.

Mars in Libra also makes a waning opposition to impulsive Uranus in Aries which may lead to taking sudden, rash actions, not necessarily a wise thing with the Neptune fog machine working overtime. Slow down and take it easy!

On a more lighthearted note, Venus is now in outgoing Sagittarius. Since she is unaspected, she is free to bounce around and spread good will with her cheerful, smiling face.

Pluto in Capricorn sits this one out too, something we can be grateful for.

We may be flooded with a veritable cornucopia of possibilities on this Full Moon in Gemini. The trick will be discerning whether those are a blessing or a curse, and we might not know the truth until January 2018 after Mercury is moving forward again. For the time being maintain a healthy dose of skepticism and work on reviewing the available information very carefully. Saturn returning home to Capricorn on December 19 is a game changer because he will make sure we understand the true costs involved in making the wonderful dreams of this Full Moon a reality. For now sit back, gently disengage if you can and enjoy the show .

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: The Fool © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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