Week of November 27, 2017

Guess what? Mercury is slowing to station retrograde on Saturday at 29° 18′ Sagittarius. There are other events this week but that one will cast a shadow over the entire week. Adding to the confusion over the coming weekend is the Sagittarius Sun squaring Neptune in Pisces at the same time Jupiter in Scorpio is trine Neptune . . . not a whole lot of common sense to be found anywhere. And then there is the wild and crazy Full Moon in Gemini on Sunday to contend with, featuring a tight mutable T-Square between the Sun, Moon and Neptune in Pisces.

Mercury starts the week conjoining Saturn in Sagittarius on Monday which makes the first part of the week the best time for realistic discussions. Mercury in Sagittarius is not exactly tactful but is good at cutting through to the heart of any issues on the table.

Another reason to handle important matters early in the week is an aggressive opposition between Mars in Libra and agitator in chief, Uranus in Aries. This occurs on Friday, the day before the Mercury station. Tempers are bound to be short and people more inclined to walk out rather than continue to negotiate. Those who have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 24° to 26° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be most affected.

While the Jupiter-Neptune trine may be good for seeing life in a positive, loving light, this aspect combined with the Mercury station AND the Sun-Neptune square is an invitation to all sorts of wildly unrealistic expectations. Seriously bad timing for making life changing decisions but if you feel like you can’t postpone those until after the first of the year, gather as much factual information as possible. Even then how we choose to interpret those facts is still going to be affected. Be careful!

The Full Moon in Gemini promises to leave many of us wondering what the heck happened and how in the world did we end up here? Confusion abounds as well as the potential for more polarization, something we already have too much of around here.

A more cheerful occurrence is Venus dashing into freedom loving, fiery Sagittarius on Friday, introducing laughter into our romantic escapades. After leaving possessive Scorpio, Venus is not in the mood to settle down, and she wants to keep things light and playful for awhile.

At the least the lunar week gets off to a nice start with a flexible Pisces Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn Monday morning. This will help us set boundaries if necessary as will the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. Interactions with others will go more smoothly if we practice being sensitive to each other’s feelings, something the Pisces Moon encourages.

Just before dawn Tuesday, the Pisces Moon squares Mercury in Sagittarius and then goes void-of-course for a few hours. Once the Moon shifts into fiery Aries during the morning, fiery energy takes over until afternoon on Thursday. Tuesday is the best day to take the initiative since the Aries Moon charges along unaspected until a late night trine to the Sagittarius Sun. Wednesday is still OK but by Thursday Mercury begins to slow down and miscommunications can happen more easily.

Thursday morning the Aries Moon enjoys playing nice with Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius before going void-of-course midday. After the Moon ambles into calm Taurus early/mid-afternoon, she will help us stay on task for the next couple of days. Working slowly and steadily will make for fewer errors that we’ll need to correct later on.

Friday looks surprisingly favorable for wrapping up the work week in good order, thanks to a well aspected Taurus Moon. She will harmonize with Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn over the course of the day. Stick with a simple, practical approach with little drama for best results.

Let’s face it . . . the weekend is likely going to be on the drifty side. Saturday begins with a void-of-course Taurus Moon which may make getting going a challenge. Once the Moon moves into lively Gemini during the afternoon, the urge to reach out to friends will pick up and as long as we remember not to overindulge, we can have a good time.

The Full Moon in Gemini takes place at dawn on Sunday and after that the Gemini Moon makes no major aspects for close to twenty four hours. Keep in mind common sense has gone bye bye for the day and plan accordingly. Don’t take yourself or others too seriously either. Relax and enjoy light-hearted activities.

I recommend taking care of important matters early in week if possible. Travel plans in particular could take a very messy turn the closer we get to the weekend. Double check reservations, plan on delays and miscommunications . . . or better yet, stay close to home. Unhappy people are going to let everyone know about since Mercury in Sagittarius is not the least bit shy about speaking out. Above all, practice patience and tolerance with the utmost integrity.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Late Autumn fog on a river © Smalysh | Dreamstime.com