Week of December 18, 2017

It’s all about Capricorn this week as one planet after another enters this quietly competent earth sign. We’re now getting a crash course in all things Capricorn, like it or not!

First thing Monday morning the Moon enters Capricorn, on Tuesday it will be Saturn’s turn to arrive in Capricorn, Thursday is the Solstice when the Sun reaches Capricorn and on Sunday it is Venus’s turn. We’ll be immersed in the Capricorn experience until the Sun enters Aquarius on January 19, a “sink or swim” time that can help us adjust to having both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the next two and half years. If we step up and assume responsibility for ourselves, read the directions first, develop our boundaries and respect other people’s boundaries, and accept gratification will probably be delayed, we’ll be OK. Work hard to get clear of debts too.

We do get one last taste for fiery goodness this week when Venus in Sagittarius is trine eccentric Uranus in Aries on Wednesday. This heartwarming aspect could be considered an early Christmas present from the Universe and wonderful for those doing last minute shopping for their sweethearts. Once Venus shifts into earthy Capricorn on Sunday, we could find ourselves being much less spontaneous in the way we express our affections. Venus is so outgoing and friendly in Sagittarius the change to restrained but elegant Capricorn is going to be noticeable.

Thursday is the Solstice and the first time the Sun conjoins Saturn in Capricorn. Talk about lowering the boom! It will be interesting to observe how this dramatic shift in energy plays out in our lives and on the world stage. Those who have personal planets and/or Ascendant at 0° to 1° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are likely to feel this the most.

The other major influence this week is Mercury slowing to station direct at 13° 00′ Sagittarius on Friday, ending what many have found to be a challenging Mercury retrograde period. Mercury will be at 13° from December 20 to December 26. Those people who are planning on traveling during that time could face delays, etc. Be sure to double check reservations, allow extra time or reduce stress by considering staying home. 

The Moon arrives in Capricorn first thing Monday morning, gently bringing us back down to earth. Most of the day she will travel unaspected before making a helpful sextile to Mars in Scorpio in the early evening, all of which is very favorable for gradually getting back into work mode.

Tuesday is much the same with the Capricorn Moon harmoniously aspecting first Neptune in Pisces and then Jupiter in Scorpio. Both are excellent for tuning into our intuitive side, always a good thing when interacting with our fellow human beings. This is the last day Saturn will be in Sagittarius and if we have loose ends to tie up, this is a good day to do so.

We could experience a bit of a jolt early Wednesday morning when the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries before going void-of-course all day. It will be evening before the Moon reaches airy Aquarius. As usual we’ll fare better sticking with routine matters than attempting to branch out into new areas.

Thursday is the Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn. We are fortunate to have some air in the sky, thanks to the Moon in Aquarius which can help us find a modicum of emotional objectivity. A midday square between the Aquarius Moon and Mars in Scorpio creates tension which we’d be better working off doing something intensely physical rather than arguing with others. If you have projects you can complete on your own, that might be the way to go.

Most of the day on Friday the Aquarius Moon is unaspected, good for keeping a clear head which we’ll need since Mercury is stationing direct that day. If we choose to go out Friday evening for a pre-holiday get together with like-minded people, a sextile between the Aquarius Moon and Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus in Aries, ought to put an interesting spin on the evening.

Peace returns for the weekend with a gentle Pisces Moon coming aboard early Saturday morning. She will happily aspect the Capricorn Sun and Saturn on Saturday, excellent for making nice with our extended families as we get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve and Day.

Sunday the Pisces Moon continues to spread warmth and goodwill throughout the day with the exception of a brief lapse Sunday morning when she square Mercury in Sagittarius. Otherwise there is a lovely flow to the day with a harmonious trine featuring the Moon conjunct Neptune trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Family gatherings for Christmas Eve benefit from this sympathetic energy.

It’s time to start practicing pacing ourselves. The powerful Capricorn influence coming into play this week will give us opportunities to learn how to be comfortable with Saturn’s stay in Capricorn. One thing to keep in mind is to proceed methodically, taking it one step at time. By the way, this is also good advice for Mercury slowing to station now. Remember to pause and simply breathe if necessary. Peace and good will to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Mist over the water and mountains © Marekusz | Dreamstime.com