Week of January 1, 2018

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

It’s the first week of 2018 already, and the year starts off on a surprisingly gentle note. New Year’s Day is the Full Moon in Cancer featuring a Kite Pattern in earth and water which softens the often hard-nosed Capricorn planets. Later in the week we get a burst of fiery energy when Mercury in Sagittarius is trine a newly direct Uranus in Aries.

Two feel good aspects present on the Full Moon are exact on Tuesday and Wednesday: The Capricorn Sun and Venus sextile compassionate Neptune in Pisces. When Capricorn teams up with Pisces, it often results in no nonsense examples of helping those in need . . . if you want to feed more people, teach them how to grow their own food.

Tuesday is when Uranus stations direct at 24° 34′ Aries. Uranus stations always seem to add an extra zing to the atmosphere and those folks who have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 23° to 25° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are likely to feel more restless than usual. We may see a sudden uptick in unexpected events around this Uranus station.

The final trine between Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries on Saturday can jolt our minds awake and help those in need of creative solutions to improve their lives. This will enliven what many feel to be a rather stodgy atmosphere right now. The nice thing about having all the earth around is being able to see ways to put our bright ideas to work effectively and within budget.

Saturday is also when Mars conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio, a potent aspect for getting it done. Jupiter provides a touch of luck and Mars provides the tenacity to see the job through to completion.

The week starts off with the Moon in home loving Cancer. On Monday we have the Full Moon in Cancer, focusing attention on familial relationships in a good way. The Cancer Moon is in her comfort zone, surrounded by planets in earth and water. This is good news for those attending family gathering to celebrate New Year’s Day. Late in the day the Moon will be part of a Grand Trine in water with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio, a very soothing vibe.

Tuesday the Cancer Moon is fine until she squares Uranus in Aries midday, after which she will be void-of-course until around midnight. The morning won’t be too bad for running errands or getting our heads back into work mode again though we’ll be ready to have some time alone come evening.

Usually the Leo Moon maintains quite well but she has plenty of challenges this lunar month. On Wednesday she may feel weighed down by all the Capricorn planets, and we probably will too. We might as well buckle down and start taking care of our responsibilities . . . something that might have piled up over the holidays.

Thursday has a bright spot for both the Leo Moon and us when she makes a Grand Trine in fire with Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Soak this fiery energy up while it’s there because it won’t last long. This appears to be the best day this week for interacting with our coworkers and friends. Both professional and personal relationships benefit from the warm, outgoing vibe.

These days the first aspect an earth sign Moon makes is a harmonious to Saturn in Capricorn. Before dawn on Friday, the Virgo Moon will be trine Saturn. This sets the tone for the day and is perfect for completing our Friday routines efficiently. An opposition to Neptune in Pisces during the evening is a pleasant distraction for date night.

Saturday finds the Virgo Moon is full workaday mode! She is trine the Capricorn Sun and Venus well before dawn and sextile Mars-Jupiter in Scorpio at daybreak. The only edgy aspect she makes is a square to Mercury in Sagittarius in the evening, after which the Moon goes void-of-course until early Sunday morning. This is a wonderful influence for polishing up plans for the coming year among other things. Constructive social activities such as doing community clean up are another good way to spend the day.

After the Libra Moon clears her morning square to Saturn in Capricorn, she’ll be in the mood for socializing. If we get our chores done early, we can play with a clear conscience . . . something even Saturn approves of. The Libra Moon reminds us we need both work and play to maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

We have an excellent sky right now for setting priorities for the coming year. Be sure to allow flexibility and plenty of easily achieved short term goals in any plans you make. Saturn in Capricorn is going to be there to keep us in line and that’s no small thing. I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, full of success, good will and prosperity.

Image: Ice on Fitzer Bush © Diane Lang