Week of January 8, 2018

We start off the week on a calm but intense note with the potential for fireworks arriving next weekend. Mercury finally reaches Capricorn on Wednesday, marking the end of a trying Mercury retrograde period and the beginning of a week heavily weighted to earth and water before Venus enters airy Aquarius on January 17.

On Monday and Tuesday there are six harmonious aspects to get our week off on the right foot. The Capricorn Sun conjoins Venus with both sextile Jupiter in Scorpio while Mars in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn on Monday. Tuesday the Capricorn Sun conjoins Pluto exactly. What we actually have is a stellium in Capricorn (Sun, Venus, Pluto) sextile Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. These influences are about as good as it gets for making sound financial decisions and determining real world value. We can give our relationships, business and personal, a long look to see if those are working for us or not. If not, the end may come abruptly over the coming weekend when the Capricorn Sun and Venus both square feisty Uranus in Aries. Remember the reasons for staying or leaving probably have been building for some time, as in months or years.

Mercury in Capricorn is far more cautious than Mercury was in fiery Sagittarius. What this Mercury excels at is organization and setting reachable goals rather than exploring exciting but risky ideas. On Friday Mercury will conjoin Saturn in Capricorn and that’s about as stodgy as it gets. It will be very tough to sell anything new and even concepts based on tried and true methodology will need to be backed up with provable facts.

The Libra Moon is not in the best mood on Monday because she squares the Capricorn Sun, Venus and Pluto the second half of the day. Probably the best way to handle this challenging energy is to default to being extra polite. Both Libra and Capricorn appreciate good manners and use them to defuse touchy situations. By doing so we can take advantage of what appears to be a very productive day.

Tuesday morning communications improve with the Libra Moon sextile Mercury in Sagittarius . . . as long as we remember to behave respectfully. The Moon will be void-of-course for a few hours before entering Scorpio early afternoon. Since the Scorpio Moon comfortably aligns with the Capricorn planets, all should go smoothly both Wednesday and Thursday. This is an excellent time to dig deeper to make sure we’re working with good information.

Wednesday has a particularly nice flow to it with the Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in Pisces midday. Thursday favors a more businesslike approach with the Scorpio Moon sextile the Capricorn Sun, Venus and Pluto. We can make a great deal of progress both days but we do need to keep in mind the most successful approach will be pragmatic and well grounded in reality. Do keep in mind the Moon will be void-of-course most of the day on Thursday, better for working on existing projects than starting something new.

Friday finds the Moon in playful Sagittarius which ought to lighten the mood some, though not even the Sagittarius Moon can completely overcome all those planets in Capricorn. The Moon makes no major aspects except a late night square to Neptune in Pisces. Be careful not to overindulge if you’re out partying Friday night. One thing the Sagittarius Moon can do is inject some humor into the atmosphere which will help ease us through the end of the week crunch at work.

Saturday and Sunday are quite different in tone. Saturday the Sagittarius Moon bops along making no aspects until the wee hours Sunday morning when she is trine Uranus in Aries. After that the Moon will be void-of-course until midday on Sunday. Once the Moon enters Capricorn midday Sunday a much more somber mood ensues and we’ll be more aware than usual we’re in the dark of the Moon. Therefore Saturday is by far the better day for some rest and relaxation. We may want to set aside time Sunday afternoon to evaluate what’s happened the past lunar month and start planning our next steps.

It will be possible to make slow but steady progress this week but air and fire folk will probably feel like they are being picked on. Once Mercury moves into Capricorn Uranus in fiery Aries will be the outlier and everything else will be in earth and water, with the exception of the days the Moon is in Libra and Sagittarius. Sticking with a simple, practical approach is best for now, something those with lots of earth and water in their natal charts usually understand very well. All you fire and air folk need to practice patience for now . . . your day will come again soon enough. 🙂

Something else worth noting is all the planets are direct and will remain that way until Jupiter in Scorpio goes retrograde on March 8. We do have plenty of momentum right now to set goals and work on making those a reality!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Icy Shrubs © Diane Lang


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