Week of January 15, 2018

Air returns to the skies this week with Venus entering Aquarius on Wednesday and the Sun entering Aquarius on Friday. This is a welcome change because it will be possible to find some perspective again, allowing us to see more alternatives than we thought were available. Before we get there though, we have a very Capricorn New Moon to deal with on Tuesday.

Venus in Aquarius is different, no two ways about it. She is much better at being a friend than a devoted lover and her tastes can be eclectic, even downright shocking at times. This year she acts as a harbinger for the Aquarius Sun, reaching Aquarius a couple of days before the Sun. It’s time to shake the cobwebs from our minds and start thinking outside the Capricorn box we’ve been living in for the past month.

There are few major aspects this week and those are all harmonious. On Monday, Jupiter in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn which is a wonderful aspect for assessing our financial situation to determine what, if anything, we need to change. While Jupiter is not exactly exuberant in Scorpio, he is still very good at helping us believe we can do whatever we set our minds to. Pluto is in charge of debt and in Capricorn he excels at careful planning. This is an excellent time to sit down with a debt counselor and come up with a plan to work on reducing the amount of debt we’re carrying, if any.

A more subtle influence is Mars in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces on Thursday. This is wonderful for promoting actions that lead to healing of our bodies, hearts and minds. Meditation, yoga and tai chi are all good practices to ease the stress in our bodies which in turn can lead to clearing negativity from our minds and hearts.

While Mercury in Capricorn isn’t exactly associated with creative thinking, when it is sextile Neptune in Pisces on Friday we might be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully people may come up with practical solutions for helping those in need. This is definitely the mental version of “99% perspiration, 1% inspiration”! Keep on plugging away at your creative projects, people.

Monday and Tuesday the Moon is in Capricorn, one of six planets in that sign. We’re getting an intense lesson in all things Capricorn both days, culminating in the New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday. We may as well embrace the experience, and pay particular attention to the area in our natal charts where Capricorn falls. Christina, The Oxford Astrologer, nicely sums up what we must know to absorb what we need from this time in her post on the Capricorn Stellium, Astrology of Now: It’s All About That Base.

Very early Wednesday morning there is the tiniest bit of movement in the air when the Moon enters Aquarius. When Venus joins the Moon in Aquarius late afternoon/early evening, the winds of change pick up a bit more. Since the Aquarius Moon makes no aspects until late Thursday afternoon, we get a taste of Aquarian objectivity and freedom of thought. There is bound to be some resistance to stepping outside the way we’ve been doing things, and this will be apparent Thursday evening (Aquarius Moon square Jupiter in Scorpio) and Friday morning at dawn when the Aquarius Moons squares Mars in Scorpio before going void-of-course until midday.

After the Moon glides into watery Pisces midday on Friday, a few hours before the Sun arrives in Aquarius, the atmosphere may calm down some. We can catch our breath and finish up the work week in an orderly manner before heading home for the weekend.

The weekend looks more favorable for rest and relaxation than dashing about doing exciting things. The Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune midday Saturday and spends her evening sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Both aspects are better for spending quiet time alone or with a few select companions.

Sunday is much the same with the Pisces Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio at daybreak and Mars in Scorpio late afternoon. These soothing influences will help us gradually adjust to having the Sun and Venus in cool, mental Aquarius after the weeks spent focused on practicalities.

A subtle transition takes place this week from a sky completely dominated by earth to one lightened by the addition of air once more. Our minds will come awake, and with all four elements in play we’ll feel more inclined to explore new ideas again. That being said, it will become clear having Saturn in Capricorn really is going to be a game changer for the next three years. He is going to keep us anchored in reality, like it or not. Take time to simply breathe next weekend before diving back into business as usual!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Hoarfrost © Diane Lang