Week of January 29, 2018

A quiet sky this week allows us to experience the full impact of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wednesday with few distractions. There are subtle influences at work beneath the bright, outgoing Leo energy that may trip us up unless we pay close attention to those.

Literally within minutes after the Moon is full, Mercury leaves straight-laced Capricorn for free thinking Aquarius, marking the end of what was an intense Capricorn experience over the past few weeks. On Saturday, Mercury in Aquarius will be sextile Mars in Sagittarius and that adds up to lots of hot air! We may need to brace ourselves for profane outbursts and loud disagreements. And don’t forget Aquarius is a fixed sign which means people aren’t going to change their opinions readily.

Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio on Saturday and may cause relationship problems. Venus in Aquarius prefers to keep her options open and often chooses the unconventional in relationships. This does not set well with Scorpio who tends to be possessive and private. Since both Aquarius and Scorpio are fixed signs finding ways to compromise may prove difficult. That being said, Venus-Jupiter aspects are usually more amenable because both would rather make love, not war. It might work out better to stay home and play rather than going out where opportunities to go astray abound.

The nice thing about having planets in all four elements again is the Moon always has some support as she moves around the zodiac. A happy Moon usually means less mood swings and general emotional crankiness.

The Moon starts the week in Cancer, often a moody place for her to be with the Sun in detached Aquarius. Monday and Tuesday both find the Cancer Moon going from harmonious aspects to jarring ones. She starts the morning off on Monday in a good mood, thanks to a trine to Neptune in Pisces but a midday inconjunct Venus in Aquarius brings out her cranky side. Monday evening is pleasant with a trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. If we want to accomplish much on Monday we need to take more care than usual to be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

First thing Tuesday morning the Cancer Moon opposes Mercury in Capricorn before going void-of-course until midday. Once the Moon enters fiery Leo she will be heading towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wednesday and that event will overshadow everything else. Working alone is best Tuesday morning but after the Moon arrives in Leo we’ll feel more energized and interested in being around people. A late day trine between the Leo Moon and Mars in Sagittarius definitely adds a burst of energy.

After the early morning Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Wednesday, the Leo Moon makes an uneasy inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces which adds confusion to the morning. Unless we make an effort to concentrate on taking care of business, we might not get as much done as we had planned on. Do your best to stay focused.

The Leo Moon goes void-of-course before dawn Thursday following a trine to Uranus in Aries and it will be midday before the Moon arrives in Virgo. The Virgo Moon will do her best to get everyone back in the work groove but it will be an uphill battle, thanks to an inconjunct to playful Venus in Aquarius followed by a square to forceful Mars in Sagittarius during the afternoon and evening.

The distractions continue on Friday with an opposition between the Virgo Moon and Neptune in Pisces during the morning. We might as well treat this period like the Moon was void-of-course and stick with routine matters rather than branching out into new things. The Virgo Moon will officially go void-of-course around midnight on Friday and won’t reach Libra until afternoon Saturday. Keep plans loose and flexible Friday evening.

This weekend Sunday looks far more favorable for social activities. Saturday doesn’t look too promising between a void-of-course Virgo Moon until midday and a unaspected Libra Moon during the afternoon/evening. Puttering around the house and/or sleeping in are both good ways to spend Saturday morning. Once the Libra Moon takes over spending some quality time with our significant other might sound like fun.

Sunday finds the Libra Moon trine Mercury in Aquarius well before dawn, then she will be trine the Aquarius Sun Sunday evening which is excellent for getting together with like-minded people to discuss philosophical issues over a casual meal. This is a good time to talk things out with friends and family.

Eclipses have a way of throwing us off balance, often by revealing information we may find unsettling. Consequently many may have a hard time staying on task this week. We need to cut ourselves and others some slack for now. Be patient, practice kindness and let things settle out as they will. Drawing on Aquarius objectivity to step back and find some perspective will help too. Remember to breathe!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Leo Full Moon © Diane Lang


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