Week of February 19, 2018


Pisces Season is officially here and it gets off to a wet start. All the planets currently in Pisces are featured this week and the waves they create are mostly gentle with one big one on Sunday.

On Wednesday Mercury, Venus and Neptune are highlighted. Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces, the perfect setup for throwing common sense out the window in the name of Romance. Dig out those rose-colored glasses, folks, and practice tiptoeing through the tulips of Love! Enjoy the show but don’t forget reality will return all too soon, sobering us up.

A much more sensible aspect is the one between Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn actually helps rein in some of Mercury in Pisces’s more unrealistic notions, and we might end up with remarkably practical solutions to help those in need.

Over the weekend, Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Sagittarius (that’s the big wave), Mercury takes its turn conjoining Neptune and the Pisces Sun is sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This is not the best time to make important decisions about our love lives or our finances. The tendency will be to see our love interest as either a saint or a sinner instead of an ordinary human being, and to have completely unrealistic expectations where money is concerned. Here again Saturn in Capricorn shows up later to bring us back down to earth and to our senses . . . hopefully before we’ve committed ourselves beyond all possibility of turning back.

The lunar week gets off to a fast start with the Aries Moon in charge. She makes an energizing trine to Mars in Sagittarius in the morning, great for tackling our workload. By the evening, some frustrations may creep in when the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and we’ll need to consciously set problems aside in order to relax before bedtime.

On Tuesday, we have a void-of-course Aries Moon to contend with until midday which means we could bustle around looking busy but not get a whole lot done. Once the Moon ambles into earthy Taurus our ability to focus improves considerably and we can work steadily down our ‘to do’ list.

A very pleasant constructive vibe is present both Wednesday and Thursday, thanks to the amiable Taurus Moon playing nice with the Pisces planets plus Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Both days are also excellent for working in the yard, getting new plants started, etc. However Wednesday will be a better day to work on new projects than Thursday because the Taurus Moon will be void-of-course all day Thursday. We can certainly follow through on existing works in progress though. A lively but chaotic energy emerges when the Moon enters airy Gemini Thursday evening.

Anyone who found themselves bored earlier in week will love Friday and Saturday with the mutable Gemini Moon dashing about squaring the Pisces planets. The challenge on Friday will be staying on task because it will be hard to ignore all those shiny distractions popping up everywhere. If possible, handle critical matters earlier in the week when the energy is steadier. Keep your plans open ended and flexible if you’re headed out to play Friday evening.

Saturday morning the Gemini Moon is sextile Uranus in Aries, encouraging us to try something new for a change. Midday the Moon will go void-of-course until evening when she’ll happily glide into her home sign of Cancer. Spending time catching up with close friends might sound like fun during the day but we’ll be glad to head home later.

Sunday we’ll be back under water again, so relax and float with the tide. The Cancer Moon is more content than she has been in quite some time, thanks harmonious aspects with the Pisces planets. It is a good day to follow our hearts and do something special for our families.

Pisces Season is the end of the zodiacal year and is better for contemplation of what was rather than leaping forward. This week the Pisces influence is quite strong and consequently the atmosphere is very fluid. Rather than processing information intellectually, it may work better to allow our consciousness to absorb what is needed in a holistic manner. It is a great time to tune into how we feel and activate our intuition for guidance. Happy swimming with the Pisces fishes, everyone!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Pisces © Steel-Eyes


One response to “Week of February 19, 2018

  1. First, I want to thank you for providing such in-depth, informative guidance. Second – wow! Sunday, my long time (1 year and 4 month) boyfriend and I had an explosive argument. This was due to his Capricorn tendencies of being passive and aggressive, bipolar, and aloof, mixed with my assertive, honest, but wish washy nature in the name of being neutral. My work life has been super rewarding lately as I’ve been pushing myself to stay relevant (new job). This leads to my third point of monetary stability. Can I do this alone if my boyfriend and I have, yet another, blow up like this? I’ve always known I can do anything I set my mind and body to, but it’s a matter of will. Like you said, it’s time to take it easy and mainly contemplate, but the inevitable fear of the what if’s seems to be taunting me. My fear doesn’t rely solely on the relationship aspect, rather the personal intuition I’ve always had, failing.

    Thank you for your time
    October 2, 1992

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