Week of February 26, 2018

Best way to go this week is to relax and allow the fast moving Pisces waters to carry us along. There aren’t many obstacles to flow around and we’ll be fine if we follow our intuition. We do have a Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday to keep things interesting plus a number of aspects, all involving planets in Pisces.

Mercury and Venus in Pisces are both active this week. Venus enjoys a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday and a delightful trine to Jupiter in Scorpio on Thursday. Both Venus aspects benefit our relationships plus are useful for getting a gut feel for what something is actually worth.

The one aspect this week that could be a trouble maker is the square between Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius on Wednesday. Emotional bias may spark explosive disagreements, resulting in hurt feelings. We need to be sure we are working with accurate information before blowing our tops. Thankfully, Mercury will sextile investigator extraordinaire, Pluto in Capricorn, a few hours after it squares Mars on Wednesday. Being patient and double checking the facts before pushing ahead is a good plan.

Mercury in Pisces takes its turn being trine to Jupiter in Scorpio Friday and conjoins Venus in Pisces on Sunday. Since both planets conjoin Chiron in Pisces as well on Sunday, taking time to find opportunities for healing activities are favored this weekend. Even doing a mini-retreat at home for a few hours can be a restorative experience.

The Full Moon in Virgo happens this Thursday and we’ll have an opportunity to see whether or not what was set into motion on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is working. Do something healthy and relaxing in order to restore a sense of well being on this Full Moon.

It won’t due to overlook the Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on Sunday! In many ways this aspect marks the end of this very Pisces period. Early next week both Mercury and Venus dash into fiery Aries and the atmosphere will start to dry out again. Good news for all you fire and air folk out there who are tired of slogging through all this water.

The lunar week starts off with the Moon in sensitive Cancer. Monday morning should go smoothly with the Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio, but she will go void-of-course Monday afternoon, following a disruptive square to Uranus in Aries. As long as we take other people’s feeling into account, the morning looks fine. Working alone might be a better idea after lunch. The Moon will move into boisterous Leo late Monday evening.

Tuesday has an odd feel to it with the Leo Moon being out of step with Saturn in Capricorn and the Pisces Sun during the first part of the day. Leo Moons invite us to be more playful and express ourselves with enthusiasm, something we might need to tone down some right now. Remember to be businesslike and use our indoor voices if possible.

The Leo Moon doesn’t fare much better on Wednesday. Her energy is at odds with the Pisces planets and Jupiter in Scorpio during the morning. She does have one bright spot when she is trine Uranus in fiery Aries during the late afternoon before going void-of-course for the rest of the day. Tuesday’s advice applies equally well for Wednesday.

Thursday the Virgo Moon takes over and a sense of order is restored. For the most part she plays well with the other earth and water planets both Thursday and Friday. We may be able to make significant progress on our current workload both days. The only rough patch happens Friday morning when the Virgo Moon makes an irritating square to Mars in Sagittarius . . . not a good time to be critical of others.

While Friday evening doesn’t look all that great for going out to play, the rest of the weekend the Moon is in sociable Libra. Libra Moons are usually quite nice for attending social occasions as well as spending time with our significant other. As long as we remember to take care of personal responsibilities Saturday afternoon when the Libra Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn, the rest of the day looks very pleasant.

Sunday morning is fine but an afternoon square to Pluto in Capricorn may dampen the Libra Moon’s mood, and ours, for awhile. A lively sextile between the Libra Moon and Mars in Sagittarius Sunday evening is great for hanging out with friends. Overall this should be an enjoyable weekend.

Here’s something to think about as we paddle along in the Pisces waters this week. Neptune’s fog can be tricksy and fickle about what it conceals. One minute we can be stuck in pea soup and the next we’re back in the sunlight. There is a good reason to constantly strive to express Pisces/Neptune’s highest ideals even if we can’t really see the results. That’s because when the fog does thin we may be pleasantly surprised. The opposite holds true for those who deliberately hide behind Neptune’s glamour and illusions. Those can be stripped away unexpectedly, revealing all the ugliness underneath for everyone to see. Happy swimming, everyone!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Mist in the Cove © Ron Cameron