Week of March 5, 2018

The atmosphere finally starts to dry out this week! Mercury and Venus rush into Aries together the first of the week, giving us a hint of things to come. The other major event this is Jupiter stationing retrograde at 23° 13′ Scorpio on Thursday. Aspect wise, it is a quiet week with only two major aspects occurring on the weekend.

One effect of Mercury moving into fiery, outgoing Aries Monday night is the volume will be cranked up. Mercury in Aries is rather boisterous and direct, especially compared to subtle, circuitous Mercury in Pisces. Aries doesn’t flinch away from stating opinions loudly either. We can be grateful Venus is transitioning from Pisces to Aries with Mercury because even in Aries, Venus still prefers to charm rather than bludgeon. Mercury and Venus will be within shouting distance of each other until Mercury stations retrograde on March 22.

Mercury in Aries gets a firm set down from Saturn in Capricorn Saturday night when it makes the first of three squares to the Lord of Karma (the second one is April 5 and the final one is April 25). Mercury in Aries can be quick to judgment and not afraid to speak out. However there are times when it is better to carefully think over what we need to say before speaking and this is one of them.

Ratcheting up the need to act on Sunday is Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. This fiery trine creates plenty of excitement and if properly directed is great for getting things done. Fire sign folk ought to enjoy the rush from this trine.

When a slower moving planet stations, we usually have a good idea about how it impacts us well in advance. Those people who have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 22° to 23° in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will notice Jupiter in Scorpio stationing retrograde more than others. Momentum will slow next week, though it will gradually return. We’re moving into a review period regarding the area in our natal charts affected by transiting Jupiter in Scorpio.

We are blessed with a nice flow to our lunar week, always beneficial to our day to day lives. Bright and early Monday morning the Moon slides into intense Scorpio and she’ll happily swim along unimpeded during the day. During the evening the Scorpio Moon makes a constructive sextile Saturn in Capricorn, good for sitting down to plan out what we want to accomplish for the rest of the week. We may find it more effective to work in a quiet environment both Monday and Tuesday.

The Scorpio Moon has a very good day on Tuesday making harmonious aspects to Neptune and the Sun in Pisces during the morning. A late evening sextile to Pluto in Capricorn may take us back into planning mode again . . . not a bad thing considering both Mercury and Venus are now in forward looking Aries.

Wednesday starts off with a void-of-course Scorpio Moon which lasts until mid-late afternoon. Since Scorpio Moons usually enhance our ability to concentrate, we can use the time to review what we’ve been working on to ensure accuracy before moving ahead. After the Moon dashes into fiery Sagittarius, promptly embracing both Mercury and Venus in Aries, heading out to have some fun may sound good.

Most of the day on Thursday should be fine with the Sagittarius Moon bustling along with no distractions. In the evening things could get a little drifty when the Sagittarius Moon squares nebulous Neptune in Pisces. The genial energy is good for meetings as well as grabbing lunch with friends. Evening plans may take some odd turns.

Friday has a similar vibe since the Sagittarius Moon again makes no aspects during the day. Energy levels increase late in the afternoon/early evening when the Sagittarius Moon conjoins Mars and is trine Uranus in Aries. The bright, lively mood Friday evening is great for going dancing, attending sporting events or hanging out with friends.

The weekend is a mixed bag with Saturday on the cranky side, thanks to the Capricorn Moon squaring Mercury-Venus in Aries during the day and conjoining Saturn in the evening. This isn’t the best day for socializing or meeting with family members due to the high “grouch” factor.

Sunday is some better but still on the somber side. The Capricorn Moon does enjoy a calming sextile to Neptune in Pisces in the morning but it will be a better day for doing chores or catching up on work before the coming week.

It is important to remember we’re still in Pisces Season, a time for contemplation rather than forging ahead. With Mercury and Venus dashing into impulsive Aries, we could be strongly tempted to drop old business and rush into something new. We also need to keep in mind we’re in waning phase of the Moon plus Jupiter is at a standstill. These “push-pull” factors can create frustrations we’ll need to monitor to keep in check. Keep your cool, practice patience and, above all, be kind!

*F.Y.I. If you live in the USA, it is NOT the time to delay filing your tax returns! We’ll be entering the Mercury Max period (concept thanks to Astrologer Richard Nolle, Astropro) from March 15 to April 29 with Mercury retrograde from March 23 to April 15.*

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Mt. Rainier © Ron Cameron