Full Moon in Libra, March 31, 2018

There is a decidedly saturnine feel to this Full Moon at 10° 45′ Libra on 31 March 2018, 05:37 AM PDT. Perhaps because it features a cardinal T-Square with the Libra Moon and Aries Sun-Mercury in Aries squaring Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn plus cardinal earth is the dominate element. What this Full Moon supports is the type of focused, purposeful action associated with Capricorn, tempered by Libra’s need for equity and justice.

Saturn in Capricorn is the game changer here, stepping into otherwise typical cardinal sign bickering. The Aries Sun and Mercury, the Libra Moon, and Mars in Capricorn all rather enjoy a good fight as long as no one gets hurt too badly. This time Saturn steps in and says it is time act with maturity and channel the energy into something productive. After all, there is nothing like a cardinal T-Square for generating plenty of energy. We’re at the point in the lunar cycle when we need to evaluate our progress in order to make adjustments, and this lunation gives us some great tools to work with. Don’t be afraid to make serious cuts or even decide to start over from scratch. Mercury retrogrades are ideal times to review after all. We can use the next couple of weeks before the New Moon in Aries on April 15 which happens shortly after Mercury in Aries stations direct, to put together our new and improved plans. Practical considerations need to be a top priority now.

Neptune in Pisces has a hand in this lunation too. Neptune is semi-sextile the Aries Sun-Mercury and inconjunct the Libra Moon, blurring the typically clear directives both cardinal signs prefer. One way to handle this situation is to consciously practice empathy and choose compassionate options . . . always a good thing to do.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, is now home in Taurus and quite happy. She loves this easy going, sensual sign that is as comfortable as old shoes. At the moment, Venus makes an uneasy, out-of-sign conjunction with restless Uranus in Aries (that was exact in Aries on April 28). This may create tension in our relationships because the need to try new things (Uranus) rubs up against Venus in Taurus’s desire for keeping things as is. By the way, this conjunction gives us a small taste of what Uranus in Taurus is going to be like.

Jupiter Rx in Scorpio makes a waxing sextile to Pluto in Capricorn which will be exact for the second time on April 14. This powerhouse pairing supports making pragmatic choices, especially when it comes to money and working with those in positions of authority. One thing both planets have in common is an instinct for knowing who is really in control, and who is only a figurehead. Outer planets aspects like this one are often reflected in the world at large, making it a good time to watch the shifts in power.

Like it or not, the gentler side of Libra is overshadowed on this Full Moon. Often Libra Full Moons are good for pleasant social occasions but not this one . . . the atmosphere is far too serious. Many of us have reached a point where we need to make critical choices about what we want to do when we grow up, and this lunation does give us the tools for that. Thanks to the Libra Moon, we do have access to Libra’s objectivity, sense of fairness and desire for equitable solutions. Practicing good manners won’t go amiss either. Enjoy!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Anqet, Goddess of the Nile © ThornErose


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