Week of April 2, 2018

The Mars-Saturn conjunction in stern Capricorn puts its stamp on the energy this week. How this will affect us depends on how good we’ve been about attending to our responsibilities. Saturn in Capricorn is on a mission to remind everyone of the importance of delayed gratification . . . something restless Aries can have a problem with. There is no question that it is an ‘eat your vegetables first’ kind of week.

First thing Monday morning Mars conjoins Saturn at 08° 57′ Capricorn. Those who have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 07° to 09° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will likely feel this conjunction the most. The effects can range from very empowering to feeling overwhelmed by our responsibilities. The best way to deal with this energy is to study the situation, set priorities and follow through one step at a time. This is a very powerful aspect that is capable of supporting sustained effort as long as we’re willing to work hard towards our goals.

Strife may emerge later in the week when feisty retrograde Mercury in Aries squares Mars in Capricorn on Wednesday and Saturn in Capricorn on Thursday. Please keep in mind throwing temper tantrums isn’t going to produce positive results because neither Mars nor Saturn in Capricorn will respond well to those. It’s time to suck it up and think carefully before venting. I know Mercury-Mars squares in the cardinal signs can be demanding of action but with Mercury retrograde now is not the time. And the Mercury-Saturn square is going to underline that fact.

A far more pleasant aspect occurs on Saturday when Venus in Taurus is trine Saturn in Capricorn. Venus-Saturn aspects are not exactly romantic but they are often the reason relationships endure through thick and thin. This very down to earth trine is perfect for enjoying simple pleasures with our loved ones. It is also great for reviewing our finances and having real property appraised.

The Moon starts her week in subtle Scorpio, always good for working in the background on sensitive projects that require intense concentration. On Monday she is well supported by the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn during the morning and ends her day enjoying a soothing trine to Neptune in Pisces. The Scorpio Moon will be void-of-course from midday on Tuesday, so plan on following up with routine tasks during the afternoon. If possible, schedule meetings for Wednesday and Thursday when the Moon will be in outgoing Sagittarius.

Wednesday and Thursday the Sagittarius Moon bounces around in her usual cheerful fashion. She will be trine Mercury in Aries late Wednesday and trine the Aries Sun first thing Thursday morning. One of the nice things about Sagittarius Moons is they are great for helping us see the humorous side, thereby lightening the atmosphere. We can use a lighter touch to offset the rather heavy influence of the Mars-Saturn conjunction.

From midday Friday through the weekend the Moon will be in earthy Capricorn, so I’m not going to promise it will be fun filled playtime. Friday afternoon the Cappy Moon will be there keeping us on task as we finish up our work week chores, no bad thing.

Saturday and Sunday are both excellent for getting our hands dirty working in our gardens or perhaps working with others on community improvement projects. The Capricorn Moon will be trine sweet Venus in Taurus bright and early Saturday morning which is perfect for planting flowers and doing some judicious pruning. Sunday morning starts off with the Moon sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, good for keeping our spirits up in a low key way. Spending time with family is favored too. All in all, a better weekend for staying close to home rather than running around socializing.

The industrious energy this week is very good for being productive though we’ll have to work hard for our results. We do need to mind our manners and not shoot our mouths off at the wrong time though. If we focus on what needs doing and minding our own business, we may be pleasantly surprised in the end. At the very least, we can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Easter Daffodils, April 2007 © Diane Lang

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