Week of May 21, 2018

Thankfully the Universe is granting us a quieter sky this week, giving us some breathing time to gradually adjust to all of last week’s events. There are several harmonious aspects to ease us into the changes we need make as well as two oppositions to keep us from getting bored. This is the first week of Gemini Season, so keeping our minds active is a priority.

Tuesday finds the Gemini Sun sextile Chiron in Aries. Chiron is newly arrived in Aries and we’re only beginning to get acquainted with it . . . something the inquisitive Gemini Sun can help us with. Those with Chiron in Aries are better at teaching others how to effectively assert themselves than doing it themselves. Gemini is a great communicator and can throw some light on this subject.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is now in matter of fact Taurus. On Tuesday it will make a creative sextile to mysterious Neptune in Pisces and an opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio. This is great for discussing anything and everything with compassion and accuracy. On Friday, Mercury in Taurus will be trine Pluto in Capricorn, a very savvy aspect for studying almost anything in depth.

One of major aspects between outer planets takes place on Friday as well. Jupiter in Scorpio will be exactly trine Neptune in Pisces for the second time, though the aspect will be within minutes of exact from May 20 to May 27. This is an interesting blend of compassion and Scorpio style tough love. If we’re willing to endure some pain to get the healing process started, we may yet experience true, deep healing of old wounds.

Air signs are going to be happy on Wednesday when the Gemini Sun is trine eccentric Mars in Aquarius, highlighting active mental energy for a change. Take advantage of this aspect to do some serious planning about future directions. By the way, those directions might go off in unusual ways!

The Venus in Cancer-Saturn in Capricorn opposition is serious business though if we’re willing to listen to all sides before coming to conclusions, the chances of a good outcome improve. The Moon in relationship oriented Libra will create a T-Square with Venus and Saturn, so taking all parties feelings into consideration is a critical component.

Four planets changing signs last week means the Moon will void-of-course for long periods this week. In fact, she’ll be VOC most of the day Monday and Wednesday.

The void-of-course Leo Moon on Monday is all the fire we’ll see this week. It will be Monday evening before the Moon moves into analytical, earthy Virgo which means we may be better off choosing to work on existing projects during the day rather than starting something new. The nice thing about the Leo Moon, VOC or not, is she works hard to keep us centered in our hearts and in an upbeat mood.

Tuesday has a very work-a-day vibe with the Virgo Moon starting the day trine to Saturn in Capricorn. This plus a couple of decent Mercury aspects make this a very good day to work on making sure our details are accurate, and our plans are as practical as possible before we prepare to launch them.

First thing Wednesday morning finds the Virgo Moon going void-of-course following a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. We should be able to make progress on working towards our goals as long as we stay with our original plan of attack. The Moon won’t arrive in fair minded Libra until the middle of the night.

The Libra Moon has a busy day on Thursday! She starts her day as part of a Grand Trine in Air with the Gemini Sun and Mars in Aquarius, perfect for finding common ground and discussing options. However, things may deteriorate quickly midday when the Libra Moon forms a cardinal T-Square with Venus in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn. We may think we have a working agreement with others, only to find out that’s not the case. We might want to have our points of compromise already worked out in advance.

The mood doesn’t improve noticeably on Friday where the Libra Moon in concerned. Her last aspect before going void-of-course during the afternoon is a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Look for common sense solutions when dealing with friends and coworkers as we wrap up the work week. The void-of-course will last from Friday afternoon until first thing Saturday morning. Keep evening plans simple!

Saturday we get our second taste of what fixed sign Moons are going to be like with Uranus in Taurus. The Scorpio Moon walks into a fixed T-Square with Uranus and Mars in Aquarius Saturday morning, taking the shine off of our Saturday plans. Rather than getting caught up in an all day argument with friends and family, doing something by ourselves might be best. The atmosphere improves considerably on Sunday when the Scorpio makes nice with Venus in Cancer before dawn and conjoins Jupiter midday. A soothing trine to Neptune in Pisces during the afternoon is perfect for drifting into a mellow evening. Keep in mind Scorpio Moons are generally more favorable for small, intimate gathering rather than big group events.

The Gemini Sun adds a lighter, more playful feel this week, inviting us to laugh and enjoy life. Air has been in short supply for the past month or so, so having two full time planets in air is very pleasant. A measure of objectivity is quite helpful considering all the heavy weight outer planets are in earth and water, constantly after us to keep our noses to the grindstone. Hey . . . all work and no play is booooring, a Gemini ‘no no’! Do something just for the fun of it this week.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Delicate Blue Columbines © Diane Lang

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