Uranus in Taurus Inspired Hiatus

Uranus in Taurus hovering on the cusp of my sixth house and squaring my progressed Aquarius Ascendant is disrupting my daily routines with a vengeance, so you probably won’t see much of me for the next several months. My Aries husband has some health issues and we’re exploring the possibility of selling our property . . . HUGE undertaking after living here for close to thirty years! Summers are always crazy busy for me and this one could be even more so.

It is possible when the trine between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus begins to tighten, life may become more orderly. That is my hope anyway. In the meantime, Armand Diaz, Integral Astrology, has a great weekly forecast you can have delivered to your inbox.

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    • Thank you! 🙂 Since I have nothing at 0° in my natal chart, all this caught me off guard. I guess that’s why it’s important to keep an eye on our progressed charts. *sigh*

      xoxo diane~

  1. Sorry to hear this. I will miss your readings. This Libran wishes you some harmony…I am also trying to sell my house, and it has been super difficult and stressful. Hopefully yours will go much more smoothly. travel well

    • Thank you! 🙂 Moving has never been one of my favorite things. LOL We don’t anticipate any problems selling our place . . . it’s finding another that could take time. The real estate market in our area is extremely tight at the moment. At any rate, it is going to take months to sort, sell, give away or throw away stuff. Fun! Knowing Uranus, we could end up staying put too.

      xoxo diane~

  2. Diane! What will we do without you? Please don’t go away completely. Check in when you can. I hope your husband improves and that the sale of your home is easy as it can be if that’s what you decide to do.

    • Hey CJ! 😀

      No, I doubt if I will go away completely . . . just post much more erratically. Been doing this since July 2006 and most of time quite regularly. 🙂

      The odd thing is having all these discussions about moving and Uranus neither aspects my natal Moon nor is transiting the 4th House in either natal or progressed charts. It’s exactly conj the cusp of my natal 6th now which is rattling all my Taurus type habit patterns. LOL

      xoxoxo diane~

        • Yeah, I like my cobwebs fine where they are too. 🙂 Though there are plenty of corners in my house that are in dire need of digging into. Getting some of those cleared out will be a great help, move or not.

  3. I hope all the weekly cosmic guidance you’ve given to all us, will bring you some good luck through these difficult times. Take care

  4. Good luck, Diane! I had an extremely stressful period just before, during and after Uranus moved in Taurus, which is trine my Virgo planets so shouldn’t be so bad! Maybe just the transition period (sigh). (Uranus also heading towards my MC…) I hope all goes well with your husband’s health and all your house selling/moving situation.

    • Hey Leslee!

      I had an extremely stressful period just before, during and after Uranus moved in Taurus, which is trine my Virgo planets so shouldn’t be so bad! Maybe just the transition period (sigh).

      I’m hoping that’s the case and once Uranus moves a little deeper into Taurus, it will be less stressful. You, in particular, should benefit from the waxing Saturn-Uranus trine over the summer. Instead of unpleasant surprises, maybe we’ll get unexpected, positive opportunities. Sounds nice, anyway. 😀

      xoxoxo diane~

  5. Thank you so much Diane. You will be missed. But take good care of yourself and your husband. May the stars be with you !! We will await your return… yours, Sarah

    • Thank you, Sarah. 🙂 I’ll be popping in and out in true Uranus fashion.

      xoxo diane~

  6. Oh no, I wish your husband well and that your move is achieved without great effort. You will be missed ❤

  7. I follow your twitter posts – connecting with theastrologers you share that way.  So I’llmiss that.   My best wishes that all goeswell for you and your husband. (I’ve just read and listened to Relationships and Astrologyfor today and this week – they advise no texting and no e-mails until next week– but I hope that all that comes through in this e-mail is the good wishes for you andgratitude for all that you offer through your blog and posts.)

  8. Thank you, Diane, for all your posts and insight. I’ve been an avid reader/follower for almost 10 years. You’ve always replied to my occasional comments and have addressed so many things for better living- I don’t know what I would have done without you! Your willingness to share the links that you love and to speak openly about your life has been truly life-changing for me. I wish you all the best with the challenges you are facing. Keep that light of yours shining ♡

    • {{{{Brandy}}}}

      Wow! You must have been there when I was still blogging on Neithnet and using Neith as my online identity. 😀

      Uranus transits have to be the oddest ones we deal with because it feels like living in a constant state of flux. One day we’re discussing selling and the next we’re talking about how we can stay (my preference). Sixth House transits are almost always about what’s happening in our daily routines – work, home, etc. When Uranus was in Aries, it opposed my Libra planets one by one. Usually that reflected my Aries hubby’s ups and downs. In a way it still is because it’s his health issues we’re having to work around. In the meantime, we’re still here and I’m still finding time to write the occasional post. 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words!

      xoxoxo diane~

      • Yes! I met you as Neith! My Boo of 13 years isn’t an Aries, but he’s a Scorpio with Mars in Aries (and like you, I’m ruled by Venus as a Taurus with Venus in Taurus) so love to have our relationships in common, sending you and yours lots of love. 💗

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