Venus in Virgo and Friends

After a somewhat unpleasant stay in fiery Leo, Venus slips into earthy, unassuming Virgo on Monday, July 9. She’ll have plenty of friends to keep her company, making her stay in Virgo a happy one. Any time Venus is happy, we usually are too.

After a visit to flamboyant Leo, Venus entering Virgo can feel like walking into a cool, quiet house after a long day in the hot sun. This feeling will be especially pronounced this year because the first few days Venus is in Virgo she will be part of a wonderful Grand Trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Venus is the key to understanding how to make the most of this Grand Trine with the two outer planets because we can easily relate to Venus. This is a very good influence for making important decisions about financial matters and our love lives. Venus in sensible Virgo softens Saturn’s stern practicalities and filters out some of Uranus’s more extreme notions, allowing us to find workable solutions that are down to earth and cutting edge all at the same time. The Grand Trine will be strongest from July 9 to July 14.

Her next sweet aspect is a sextile to newly direct Jupiter in Scorpio on July 22 (the day the Sun comes home to Leo). We have another winner for making positive choices about love and money. Virgo and Scorpio work well together, and this Venus-Jupiter aspect is less prone to excess than some aspects between these two beneficents.

An opposition to Neptune in Pisces on July 24 brings out Venus in Virgo’s romantic side. This is a great time for the classic long walk on the beach or a private, candlelit dinner for two featuring fresh, healthy food and drink. Keep in mind when planning a special date for your sweetheart, Venus in Virgo prefers to express her sensual side in private and is not given to public displays of affection.

The last aspect Venus in Virgo makes is a helpful trine to Pluto in Capricorn on July 27, an excellent aspect for doing an in-depth study of our financial situation. After that she will be quietly going about making her favorite people feel comfortable and cared for. It will be August 6 when Venus finds her way home to airy Libra.

F.Y.I. The day after Venus enters Virgo (July 10), Jupiter will station direct at 13° 21 Scorpio. We may start to see some progress though with Scorpio’s co-ruler, Mars, retrograde, things may not happen as quickly as we’d like.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Virgo © Kat Da Silva

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  1. I’m having my Venus in Virgo Return tonight. I bought flowers. And, well, ate healthily. 🙂
    I hope all’s well with you, Diane. xxo

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