Full Moon in Aries, September 24, 2018

We get a much needed infusion of fiery energy on this Full Moon at 02° 00′ Aries, 24 September 2018, 07:53 PDT. Since we won’t have full time planets in fire until first Mercury, then Jupiter, enter Sagittarius the first week of November, this dose of Aries fire is very welcome. Aries’s ruler, Mars, is quite active during this lunation but in cool, airy Aquarius any battles will likely be fought with words rather than fists. Having Chiron conjunct the Aries Moon can cause some to doubt whether they have what it takes to lead effectively too.

Saturn in Capricorn is hard at work making sure we follow the rules via a T-Square to the Aries Moon-Chiron conjunction and Libra Sun-Mercury conjunction. Not only that but the Sun-Mercury conjunction is part of a dissonant trapezoid pattern with Uranus in Taurus inconjunct the Libra Sun-Mercury as the base and Mars in Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn in Capricorn as the top. Simply put the best way to forge ahead is with careful planning based on solid facts. Those who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants, making it up as they go along, are going to meet with incredible resistance. Sorry, folks, but that’s just the way it is.

Mars in Aquarius does have some great aspects as well as some tense ones. He is sextile the Aries Moon-Chiron combo and trine Sun-Mercury in Libra which generates quite a bit of positive energy. And we can do good things with that energy as long as we work within the system. Be prepared for some odd twists and turns since Mars is still making a waning square Uranus in Taurus.

The wonderful sextile between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn is waning now though it still is in effect on this lunation. These two have worked hard on our behalf when it comes to making smart business and investment decisions.

Both Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces more or less sit this one out . . . no bad thing. They are very widely trine, casting a gentle, romantic glow on our relationships. Venus in Scorpio is going to be slowing to station retrograde in the not too distant future (October 5) which can make for some interesting times coming up.

Full Moons tend to bring relationship issues to the surface and this one more so than most, thanks to the Sun being in partnership oriented Libra. Between the square to Saturn and a trine to Mars in Aquarius, we’ll probably see Libra’s cool, rational side more than usual. With a unaspected Venus in reticent Scorpio and the Libra Sun conjoining Mercury, Libra’s charm will be less evident and the keen, analytical mental side of this air sign revealed. This means we have all the more reason to practice patience, kindness and to be fair-minded when handling differences in opinion.

Despite having Saturn weighing on the Aries Full Moon, we need to remember feisty Aries does love a challenge and we can draw on that Aries feistiness to figure out ways to make needed improvements in ourselves and our lives. The challenge for many will be to find ways to take Aries inspired action and add a large dose of common sense and ingenuity . . . something all the earth and water dominating the sky are going to insistent on. Remember Aries is happiest doing something, even if it doesn’t work out perfectly the first time! Happy Aries Full Moon to everyone.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Aries © Gal Or


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