New Moon in Sagittarius, December 6, 2018

Clarity is sorely lacking on this New Moon at 15° 37′ Sagittarius on 6 December 2018 11:21 PM PST. The Sagittarius Sun and Moon closely squared by Mars conjoining foggy Neptune in Pisces is why. The energy is disjointed rather than flowing and the strong mutable presence may leave us feeling more scattered than usual. We can go from feeling very exhilarated to deep melancholy in a short span of time.

Typically a Sagittarius New Moon is an exuberant event, inviting everyone to enjoy the playful, outgoing energy. In this New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are THE bright spots, the candle in the darkness so to speak. Sagittarius’s natural optimism shines forth and asks us to see the best in every situation. With the Mars-Neptune square dampening the bright, shiny Sagittarius New Moon energy, please stay on the high road and avoid getting drawn into Sagittarius’s need to be ‘right’ at all costs.

Mars is not all that ambitious in Pisces, and with Neptune conjoining him energy levels may be quite low. It usually pays to give ourselves permission to slow down and rest more frequently than usual. This is not a good time to overdo the holiday cheer either and risk a serious hangover or catching a nasty viral infection. This influence gradually wanes in the days following the New Moon and we should see energy levels return to normal.

Both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are at odds with Uranus in Aries. Mercury stationed direct the day before this lunation and Venus about a week before. Fixed, watery Scorpio resents fiery Aries pushiness and demands for immediate action. Venus opposes Uranus by the numbers and Mercury is closely inconjunct Uranus. This is one of those times when we need to choose our relationship battles with care. Self centered, erratic behaviors could do serious harm. It is best to present our friends and lovers with options, and then give them plenty of space to consider those. Hard-nosed ultimatums are more likely to end up with someone walking out for good.

Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, forms an awkward semi-sextile to Saturn in Capricorn which can throttle down Jupiter’s natural enthusiasm. On this lunation, that may end up being a good thing in the long run. This is not the best time to take on too much or commit to major enterprises.

One thing worth mentioning is we now have no full time planets in air and won’t until the Sun moves into Aquarius next January. This often translates into a lack of objectivity or the ability to step back and evaluate dispassionately. What this New Moon in Sagittarius has is plenty of fire and water, making for lots of steam but not much common sense. The antidote is to consciously detach and think matters through carefully before leaping to conclusions.

This Sagittarius New Moon can inspire big dreams and take our imaginations to new heights. And as long as we take the time to carefully verify all the facts before attempting to make those dreams into reality, we’ll be fine. At this time there are simply too many unknowns waiting to trip us up to move forward quickly.

Welcome to the New Moon in Sagittarius party! Please leave all prejudices, intolerant attitudes and rigid belief systems at the door, and prepare to open your heart to unconditional love, acceptance for all sentient beings and compassion. Discussions of religion and politics will be discouraged. It’s time to spread peace and good will! Namaste.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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