New Moon in Taurus, May 4, 2019

Nothing like a well grounded New Moon in Taurus to keep our attention focused in the here and now. This particular New Moon at 14° 11′ Taurus on 4 May 2019, 03:45 PM PDT encourages us to experience our spiritual connection to the natural world and allow it to feed our inner being.

The lovely, mellow vibe seeping through the atmosphere has to do with a pleasing sextile joining Neptune in Pisces to the luminaries. Fertility is enhanced, perfect for new growth whether this has to do with plants, animals or love. Spiritual growth is possible when we focus on making our spiritual practices a part of our everyday lives. For those living in an urban setting, simple projects like making a flowering planter to beautify the patio or apartment balcony bring a touch of nature close to home. Those who are fortunate enough to live in a rural community have an much easier time reconnecting with Mother Nature.

Even though Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are widely trine the Taurus Sun and Moon, they still weigh in by insisting we choose practical options. However, we also need to be aware of the need for non-attachment and avoiding getting caught up in obsessions. Taurus has a calm, matter of fact approach to problem solving that works quite well with Capricorn’s need for order and structure. We can certainly use this sensible energy to help resolve our own issues brought to the surface by the Saturn-Pluto-South Node in Capricorn stellium. It may take awhile but if we can keep chipping away at those issues, we’ll be much better off in the long term.

Venus, Taurus’s ruler, is still in Aries and frustrated by a square to Saturn in Capricorn. Headstrong Venus in Aries loves to have her way and Saturn is bound and determined she respect other people’s boundaries. Being respectful of other people’s feelings and boundaries is actually a wise idea and usually results in healthier relationships, so this is a good thing.

Stirring the pot on this Taurus New Moon are the planets in fire and air. Mercury in Aries is always quick to share opinions but especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini spurring it on. A square from Pluto in Capricorn to Mercury can give those opinions much more force than usual, for better or worse. It’s a very good time to count to ten and THINK before opening our mouths and blurting out whatever is on our minds.

It’s just as well Uranus at 3° Taurus is sitting quietly by itself this time around. Most of us won’t notice it unless we have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 2° to 4° degrees in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

About the best thing we can do for ourselves on the Taurus New Moon is relax! Enjoy whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your body . . . good food, music, dancing or meandering through a natural setting. Avoid the gyrations in the news cycles by turning off phones, laptops, TVs, etc. We all need downtime to stay sane in this busy world and many of us neglect to give ourselves enough of it. Practice patience, share some love and be kind to yourself as well as your loved ones. Namaste.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Taurus  © Yana Dhyana


2 responses to “New Moon in Taurus, May 4, 2019

  1. Planning a trip to a botanic garden today – hoping we can get in since it’s the first dry day we’ve had in weeks and likely will be crowded. They have a field full of daffodils to see, among other lovely spring things. Otherwise, I’m navigating a long Neptune transit opposite my Sun, but at least not very direct effects of that Pluto/Saturn (just tribe from Saturn to my Sun, maybe help in offsetting the Neptune…).

    Enjoy the Taurus New Moon! Hope all’s well with you.

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