Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18, 2019

We all need to seek peace and quiet on occasion, and this Full Moon at 27° 39′ Scorpio on 18 May 2019, 02:12 PM PDT creates the perfect atmosphere for taking time away from the turbulence of daily life. All but one planet, Jupiter in Sagittarius, are in earth and water signs that are usually happiest in a calm environment. There is determination to spare with the fixed sign emphasis, so tackle a big, dirty project and stick with it until it’s completed.

We have a smooth ride on this Full Moon, in part because both of Scorpio’s rulers are well aspected. Pluto in Capricorn is sextile the Scorpio Moon and trine the Taurus Sun-Mercury. Mars, now in watery Cancer, is happily sextile a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

The combination of the Taurus Sun, Mercury and Pluto lends itself much better to introspection and contemplation than a whirlwind of social activities. Mercury in Taurus likes to keep communications simple and to the point, while Pluto’s influence encourages us to dig deep within to discover why we do what we do. The Scorpio Moon is inclined to be secretive at best and prefers solitude to crowds. The synergy created by these four planets working together is perfect for gaining true understanding of our inner workings, something very necessary to becoming a better, more confident human being.

Coming up with truly creative ways to celebrate our love is possible with Venus conjoining Uranus in sensual Taurus, both sextile to sensitive Mars in Cancer. Look for ways to express appreciation that don’t involve words as both Taurus and Cancer are better with tangible gestures than flowery phrases.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for favorable investment opportunities that are off the beaten track too. This is the first time Venus has conjoined Uranus in Taurus and the perfect opportunity to figure out what this will mean going forward.

A subtle but powerful influence at work is Saturn in Capricorn widely sextile Neptune in Pisces. It’s always a ‘win-win’ scenario when we can come up with practical yet compassionate solutions for societal problems . . . something there is never a shortage of.

The only hard aspect in this lunation chart is the waxing square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. The effects can run from irrational exuberance to depressing confusion, all due to a marked lack of clarity. When this aspect has finally run its course (last square is at 17° on September 21), what will be revealed when the fog lifts is not going to be pretty. Double and triple checking facts using several different sources may help us avoid the worst damage.

Other than the rather muddled Jupiter-Neptune square, the overall energy on the Scorpio Full Moon is smoothly flowing, like a deep, clear river. We should have no trouble focusing our energies on whatever task we need to accomplish with the minimum of fuss and bother. There is nothing to fear either . . . Scorpio can be intense but prefers to heal rather than harm, so please relax and go with the flow.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Full Moon © MichiLauke

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