Full Moon in Virgo, March 9, 2020

With all but one planet in earth and water, the Full Moon at 19° 37′ Virgo on 9 March 2020, 10:48 AM PDT, radiates a certain of complacency due to the high level of agreement amongst the planets. The exception is Mercury in Aquarius which is in the process of stationing direct a few hours after the Full Moon. For the most part, the tone is one of calm certainty, encouraging us to go about our business with quiet dispatch.

It is worth noting Mercury in Aquarius only makes one aspect – a tight semi-sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. This Mercury-Saturn aspect is more potent than usual due to Mercury sitting at its station degree. Between Mercury being in fixed Aquarius and under Saturn’s influence, our thinking may be more methodical than usual, a positive note because we need time to recover from the confusion generated by retrograde Mercury in Pisces.

The Virgo Moon benefits from a trine to the Capricorn stellium (Mars, Jupiter and Pluto), making this a great time to reorganize and rejuvenate both our business and personal lives. We can start by setting new priorities and clearing out what no longer works for us. Most of us have ‘stuff’ cluttering up the corners and hiding in our closets, much of which we haven’t used in years. By the way, the same goes for our internal ‘closets’. The more we can streamline our lives, the smoother our way forward can be.

The Pisces Sun conjoins Neptune and if it wasn’t for the Capricorn stellium (Mars, Jupiter and Pluto) anchoring those two space cadets, it would be so easy to drift off into an endless dream. However the Capricorn stellium exerts a powerful grounding influence, allowing us to consider how to translate our dreams into reality. This is especially true if we choose to embrace Pisces’s higher side, making compassion, tolerance and empathy priorities.

A sweet and interesting aspect is Venus in Taurus conjoining Uranus. This is an opportunity to explore diversity in the way we express our affections. It can also signify redefining our value system. Remember Venus will be conjoining Uranus in Taurus at least once a year for quite some time to come. 🙂

The tight focus of this Full Moon in Virgo on earth and water priorities can benefit all of us. The next week or so we’ll need that focus to recover from the recent Mercury retrograde. Virgo excels at handling details and uncovering good information, a good thing because so many of us are drowning in a flood of misinformation. We have a week with Mercury direct in Aquarius before it reenters Pisces. Mercury is comfortable in cerebral Aquarius, making it possible to regain the perspective we need to sort fact from fiction. With seven planets in earth signs asking us to choose practical concerns and pragmatic solutions first, we have an opportunity to make real progress towards setting things right in our lives. Be kind, practice patience, and make expressing compassion and tolerance a top priority . . . peace to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Tree and Moon © Sasa Maricic | Dreamstime.com


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