Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020

This does not promise to be a normal, placid Full Moon at 08° 41’ Taurus on 31 October 2020 at 7:49 AM PDT. Mostly because the Moon conjoins the king of eccentrics, Uranus. My best guess is our experience of this Full Moon will be a highly individual one. It may give some a big jolt and others practically none. Landing as it does on Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, adds a certain whimsy but in reality has no effect on the lunation its self. Don’t forget either that Uranus resists predictions and does its best not be second guessed.

Keep in mind the Moon has been conjoining Uranus in Taurus once a lunar month since May 2018, inoculating us as it were. Besides that, Uranus is the only planet aspecting the luminaries on this lunation. It’s not like the New Moon in Libra where the luminaries opposed Mars in Aries and both squared Pluto in Capricorn. Now that was a cardinal punch in the eye! However, it is a Full Moon and that strengthens the effects of the Moon conjoining Uranus. Check to see where this Full Moon falls in your natal chart to get an idea what area in your life will see change of some type.

What is going on with the planets that rule Taurus and Scorpio adds to the picture too. Venus rules Taurus and Mars/Pluto rule Scorpio. On this lunation Venus is at home in Libra and unaspected. She does add a nice grace note and asks us to seek out beauty in our lives to brighten our days.

Mars is not so lucky. He is retrograde in Aries and is semi-sextile Neptune in Pisces. In other words, he is feeling out of sorts and debilitated. Efforts to incite violence and enrage others may fizzle out rather than escalating. Some may feel more lethargic than usual. Until Mars in Aries goes direct on November 13, he will continue to be less forceful than usual.

Scorpio’s other ruler, Pluto, is in a much better place as the waxing conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn grows tighter. Jupiter and Pluto will be exactly conjoined on November 12 at 22°. For better or worse, this is the third and final time these two will be conjoined in Capricorn. Whatever Jupiter touches he exaggerates, and Pluto is into making fresh starts by clearing away what he considers unnecessary. Do pay attention to what is happening in your life as well as in the collective at large around November 12-13.

Another aspect demanding attention is the second square between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn at 26°. The third and final square will take place on November 6 with both planets direct. This time Mercury is retrograde and Saturn is direct which gives Saturn has even more influence over Mercury. As much as Mercury in Libra loves to mull over all the facts before making a decision, the pressure from Saturn will not allow Mercury much slack to do so. We may have to put on our grownup pants and decide what we need to do NOW, like it or not. Remember Saturn always favors mature behaviors and a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Whining about life not being “fair” will go over like a lead balloon.

There is no reason we can’t enjoy this special Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween! It is the second Full Moon in October, or a “Blue” Moon. However it wouldn’t hurt to have several backup plans in place for Halloween celebrations with Uranus stirring the pot. Quiet, low key options will probably work out better than extravagant affairs. And don’t forget to practice kindness, forbearance and patience. Those never go out of fashion and are all too often in short supply. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: New Moon © Zhuxj