Full Moon in Leo, January 28, 2021

We get first hand experience of what it means to have fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) dominating a lunation on this Full Moon at 09° 06′ Leo on 28 January 2021, 11:16 AM PST. The Moon is in Leo, the Sun is sandwiched between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius with Mars and Uranus in Taurus squaring the luminaries.

Having the Aquarius Sun between Saturn and Jupiter is a very good thing. The Sun acts as a mediator between Jupiter’s excesses and Saturn’s tightfisted ways. Aquarius is a comfortable place for both Jupiter and Saturn which also brings out their best attributes. We can visualize the future with dispassionate clarity, blending optimism and practicality. The warmth of the Leo Moon balances the Aquarian energies nicely. The sticky part is having Mars and Uranus in Taurus squaring those placements.

Squares are good for bringing the differences between signs into sharp focus and this is particularly true when the luminaries are involved. Last week’s Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus has now moved out of orb, and on this Full Moon we can begin to discern the aftereffects of that conjunction more clearly. One possibility is realizing how angry (Mars) we are over an unexpected event (Uranus). It might be a good idea to learn how to process our anger in healthy ways as well as come to terms with the reality some changes don’t go away. The kind of change Uranus in Taurus ushers in will be the equivalent of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. The landscape in our lives is undergoing renovations of the deep and lasting variety. So, yes, getting very angry is a normal response but it is much better for our well being to learn how to work through it. Please keep in mind not all events that bring change into our lives are unhappy ones. Falling in love, moving into a better home, getting the job we always wanted are examples of happy ones. That being said, all big changes can be stressful though we tend not to expect it with happy changes. Please practice good stress reduction techniques in order to maintain health and well being.

Control issues abound with Venus conjoining Pluto in Capricorn! Whether we’re dealing with relationship issues or financial ones, the key is to do our best to be completely honest and authentic. This is a ‘no good, very bad’ time to hide information from our loved ones or business associates because when the truth surfaces, as it usually does, there will be hell to pay and pain all the way around. And attempting to justify our actions by saying it was to protect them isn’t going to fly either.

On this Full Moon, the only aspect Mercury makes is a semi-sextile to the Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Mercury in Aquarius’s ability to review information in a clear, detached manner may prove helpful. We need to remember Mercury in Aquarius is poised to station retrograde on January 30 at 26° 29’ Aquarius. This is the first Mercury retrograde of 2021 and it takes place entirely in Aquarius. It is highly likely we’ll be going back over all these discussions again.

Neptune in Pisces floats along alone this lunation. There is less confusion but also less empathy for other people’s pain. We need to consciously engage our hearts and do our best to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, so to speak.

Despite all the turmoil in the atmosphere at this time, we can still take time to play. Leo Full Moons are traditionally a wonderful time to enjoy life. Many of us are living under restrictions but there is no reason we can’t get creative about having some fun. We can re-connect with our chosen families (Aquarius) while following the rules (Saturn) and share ideas about how we’re going to make the future a better, happier place (Jupiter). It might not seem like anything is ever going to change with fixed energy dominating the sky but it will. After all, change is the one constant! Peace, Love and Joy to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sunset Thunder © Ajv123ajv | Dreamstime.com