New Moon in Aquarius, February 11, 2021

It’s time to let our freak flags fly and start humming “Aquarius” from the musical Hair. On this New Moon at 23° 17′ Aquarius on 11 February 2021, 11:07 AM PST, there are six planets in Aquarius: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn! Of course the luminaries are together as well as a stellium including Mercury, Venus and Jupiter with Saturn the only stand alone planet. Aquarius’s cool, dry, fixed energy clearly dominates on this New Moon.

The luminaries are making a waning square to Mars in Taurus and even though this influence is fading those who are most committed to holding fast to old ways of thinking are still raging. Mars in Taurus also makes a waxing sextile to Neptune in Pisces and this aspect can help us process our anger and practice forgiveness. Of course, we have to be willing to do this, if for no other reason than to reduce the dissonance in our lives.

Jupiter conjoining Mercury and Venus is particularly benevolent despite the fact Mercury is retrograde. This is about as warm and fuzzy as Aquarius gets which is to say not very much. However it does make being kind and generous much, much easier. This is definitely one of those times when action follows thought. What we can conceive mentally is critical to what we want to manifest into reality. Aquarius is all about envisioning the future in order to bring about the changes we need to make to reach our goal. Time to think very carefully about what we want as well as how we wish to achieve our dreams. Integrity and honesty are the keys here for bringing about the positive change we want to see in our lives.

Central to everything happening now is the first waxing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus (exact at 7° 14’ on February 17). Like it or not, we are in the process of shifting to a new normal. Disciplined Saturn in Aquarius is all about the overall structure these changes will take place within while Uranus in Taurus in the wild card, delivering sharp blows to the existing structures. Please don’t lose hope now because once the dust settles and we are more comfortable again, we may be pleasantly surprised by what we see around us. Humans are amazingly adaptable creatures after all. At this moment in time the fixed signs are in control and being too rigid is a real risk. Once the inner planets begin to shift into mutable Pisces, introducing more flexibility, being able to come up with more options will be easier.

One way we can benefit from this very Aquarius New Moon is to learn more about how our uniqueness can contribute to the collective we live within. Sometimes we can be more effective as a squeaky wheel, and other times more can be accomplished by working smoothly and efficiently with others. This is a great time to “brainstorm” with air dominating the sky. New Moons are wonderful for sitting with new ideas and contemplating different variables. After Mercury in Aquarius stations direct on February 20, we can choose the most viable options and start to implement them.

Honor the spirit of the Aquarius New Moon and remember spreading peace and love to all never goes out of fashion!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image:  Moon River Lady