Full Moon in Virgo, February 27,2021

We’re finally beginning to see a transition back to fewer planets in air on this Full Moon at 08° 57′ Virgo on 27 February 2021, 00:17 AM PST. Venus has joined the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, leaving Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Additionally the Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon are harmoniously aspecting Uranus in Taurus, a key ingredient for positive yet practical change. While there are still more planets in fixed signs, mutable energy is on the rise, adding more flexibility as well as a willingness to see more options.

We may finally begin to realize Uranus in Taurus can bring about helpful change on this lunation with the trine to the Virgo Moon and sextile to the Pisces Sun. Small, manageable steps are the best way to integrate change in our daily lives and that is something the Virgo Moon understands quite well. If we gradually let go of our old emotional security blankets while replacing them with improved tools for creating the foundation for a better life, we’ll be OK. The Pisces Sun-Uranus in Taurus sextile is excellent for making those amazing intuitive leaps Pisces is so good at. Surprisingly we usually know what is right for us and what is not . . . whether we pay attention to that inner knowledge is another story. 🙂

Since the Saturn in Aquarius-Uranus in Taurus square is still very much in play on this lunation, we can’t overlook how Saturn connects to the luminaries. It is semi-sextile the Pisces Sun and inconjunct the Virgo Moon. At the very least, we need to acknowledge the importance of boundaries and why following safety rules is usually a good idea. Saturn in Aquarius can be a bit of a ‘know it all’ which doesn’t help matters. A mutable lesson that may come in handy is being open to options and learning to make adjustments while working within the system. Mutable signs teach us flexibility and that’s been in short supply for the last few months. We’ll need to cultivate that flexibility until mid-summer because the Saturn-Uranus square remains within a degree or two of exact until then.

A couple of planets still in Aquarius are Mercury and Jupiter. These two are making a waxing conjunction which will be exact on March 4. This bright, upbeat pairing is wonderful for clear, rational thought while remaining on the optimistic side. Now that Mercury is direct and back up to speed, we can use the power of this conjunction to make necessary revisions to plans concocted during the Mercury retrograde. Once those plans are cleaned up and ready to go, we can start implementing them.

A huge power source on this lunation is the Mars in Taurus-Pluto in Capricorn trine. This is a strong, steady energy we can apply to either getting projects off the ground or invigorating existing ones. Rather than rushing around, choose to work in a slow, steady, consistent way for best results.

While Venus and Neptune in Pisces are sitting on the sidelines for now, they both play a major role in the upcoming New Moon in Pisces. A small hint . . . both are part of a Pisces Stellium with the Sun and Moon!

The Full Moon in Virgo is naturally more focused on what’s happening in our daily lives and restoring a sense of health and well being. We now have a better balance both in the elements and mode than we’ve seen in a few months, and with the help of the Virgo-Pisces axis we can begin to put our lives in order again. Renewing the foundations in our lives is a key component to being more effective in the larger world. Now is the perfect time to do so. As always, practice kindness, tolerance and cultivate a sense of the absurd because all of those keep us sane. Peace and Love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: “I Love the Moon” Encaustic by Ember Fairbairn Ramsay