Full Moon in Scorpio, April 26, 2021

It’s going to be a very muddy Full Moon at 07° 06′ Scorpio on 26 April 2021, 08:32 PM PDT. All the fire present at the New Moon in Aries has disappeared and we have an abundance of earthy Taurus instead. Scorpio Full Moons are typically intense affairs and this one is no exception. While the surface may seem placid, there is a powerful undertow at work.

We still have four planets in Taurus including the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Mercury and Venus both make a waning square to Saturn in Aquarius while the Sun conjoins Uranus. Taurus is noted for keeping a level head with both feet firmly planted on the ground, and the surface calm reflects this. Naturally Uranus in Taurus is the pot stirrer, and the square to Saturn in Aquarius doesn’t help matters. What this Full Moon in Scorpio does is offer us an opportunity to gauge where we are in our personal process dealing with issues raised by the Saturn-Uranus square. What we may have considered essential values based on what we learned growing up might no longer apply. We need to remember to give ourselves plenty of recovery time as we adjust to the new configurations in our lives.

The Scorpio Moon herself benefits from a trine to Mars in Cancer. While we’ll need to tap into our intuition and exercise our emotional intelligence rather than straightforward logic and reason, this energy is quite good for planning and executing our next step towards our goals. Since the Scorpio Moon is also opposing Uranus in Taurus (as well as the Taurus Sun), it might help to seek common ground rather than emphasizing differences. As much as it pains fixed Scorpio and Taurus, the tried and true methods probably won’t be as effective as using newer, more innovative ones.

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, is stationing retrograde the day after the Full Moon at 26° 48’ Capricorn while closely semi-sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius. This will likely add a little more intensity to the Scorpio Full Moon experience and we may need to be careful about giving into the temptation to completely step away from our old lives. Jupiter adds a touch of luck to the whole process.

We can be thankful Neptune in Pisces is sitting this lunation out. There is enough going on without the type of confusion Neptune can add to any given situation!

One of the best things we can do as individuals on the Full Moon in Scorpio is be gentle with ourselves. It is too easy to go to extremes right now and make choices we might regret down the road. Build in a grace period before making final decisions. Mercury will be shifting into flexible Gemini about a week after the Full Moon and we should be able to see more options again.

Scorpio Full Moons are always cathartic which helps clear away the old debris so we can begin the healing process once more. Everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their natal chart as well as Scorpio’s co-rulers, Mars and Pluto. Those placements can provide clues as to what impact this Scorpio Full Moon will have. Time to take a step back from our obsessive side and seek a more neutral stance to observe what’s happening in our lives and society as a whole. There is no better time to focus on practicing kindness, patience and tolerance. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

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