New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 10, 2021

We’ll see all types of opinions flying about on this New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19° 47′ Gemini on 10 June 2021, 03:53 AM PDT. What will be in short supply is accurate information, thanks to Neptune in Pisces squaring a Gemini stellium composed of the Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury in Gemini. There is a strong possibility secrets will be outed that will make some people extremely uncomfortable. Gemini’s natural inclination is share all information that passes through their hands, good, bad or otherwise. This lunation has great lessons on why living as honest a life as possible is a very good thing.

The only real bright spot of this lunation is a nurturing waxing sextile between Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus. Look for breakthroughs in emotional healing techniques that can greatly benefit our personal relationships. This is one instance when the love at first sight phenomena holds the possibility of turning into something lasting. We might meet someone special through family connections.

A more jarring aspect is the waning opposition between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. We need to pay close attention to what we are obsessing over because often the person we’re hurting the most in that type of situation is ourselves. Now is the time to take action while Mars is still in a cardinal sign. About twenty four hours after the New Moon, Mars will be leaving Cancer for fiery Leo and the tendency to get stuck in a rut, unable to see how to get out, will increase dramatically.

Speaking of being stuck in ruts . . . the fixed square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is quite tight now. We’re coming face to face with the need to make changes and most of us aren’t happy about it. Keeping an open mind is one thing we can do to ease us through these frustrating transitions.

Jupiter in Pisces is sitting this lunation out which does help reduce the drama. It will be back on the Full Moon in Capricorn in a supportive role.

We need to brace ourselves to deal with information overload as well as the very real possibility it will take a lot of time to sort out fact from fiction. Gemini’s duality will be noticeable on this New Moon Solar Eclipse, making it challenging to tell the difference between our dreams and reality. We could find ourselves projecting our opinions and biases on other people, or feel like others are projecting theirs on us. In other words, it’s probably going to be darn confusing out there! The fog should begin to clear gradually after the Solstice on June 20 and Mercury stationing direct on June 22. Until then we’ll need an extra dose of patience and tolerance to see us through to the other side. Be kind! Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Dreaming | © Jeremiah Morelli

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