Full Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 2021

Mixed messages emerge from the Full Moon at 01° 26′ Aquarius on 23 July 2021, 07:38 PDT, and it would appear the messages coming from the earth and water contingent carry more weight than those from fire and air. The Aquarius Moon and Leo Sun form awkward connections to a Venus in Virgo-Jupiter in Pisces opposition, not to mention earth and water signs dominate the Full Moon chart. Aquarius’s visions for a dynamic, healthy society, supported by Leo’s creative drive, will have a better chance of succeeding if basic practical concerns are taken into account.

The opposition between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces is connected to the luminaries by semi-sextiles and inconjuncts. The Virgo-Pisces axis is very service oriented and concerned with making sure people’s day to day needs are being met. The Leo-Aquarius axis combines the need to be our authentic selves and how that fits into the needs of the collective as a whole. Virgo-Pisces is content to work quietly in the background doing what’s necessary to help others but Leo and Aquarius are not. They seek their well deserved recognition for a job well done. All parties fill important roles but getting them to work together seamlessly probably won’t happen. Sometimes all we can do is simply be true to ourselves and do what works best for us.

The other fiery planet, Mars in Leo, has its own quandary to deal with. Mars is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and consequently has little wiggle room to take action. This may result in people seething quietly rather than throwing temper tantrums because they are afraid the consequences of doing so will be severe. Unless we work on letting go of our anger and finding healthy outlets for reducing stress, our health may suffer. Exercise is good as is finding physically challenging tasks to do. Mars is going to shift into Virgo on July 29 where it is far less inclined towards confrontation and more interested in getting the job done.

Mercury in Cancer is in an interesting position. It benefits greatly from a trine to Neptune in Pisces while making a waxing opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Neptune can help bring Mercury in Cancer’s nurturing side to the forefront rather than its acerbic, cutting side. This is a Mercury that excels at pinpointing people’s vulnerabilities and using those when it feels threatened. And no planet does threatening better than Pluto. It is always a good idea to choose to communicate in a kind, tactful manner. After all, the response (Pluto) can be far more devastating than we anticipated.

We’re finally beginning to see the annoying Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus wane. Not that it isn’t still active but the immediacy of its impact is lessening. For example, there will be close to a week between the time when the Leo Sun makes its opposition to Saturn in Aquarius before squaring Uranus in Taurus. This gives us a chance to handle what the opposition throws at us without getting hit by the square at the same time. It is easier to put out a couple of small fires than a huge conflagration.

Often the Full Moon in Aquarius encourages us to let our freak flags fly but that may not be in our best interest on this particular one. We can still celebrate this wonderfully eccentric Full Moon with a dash of Leo flamboyance as long as we remember to treat others with kindness and respect. Another way to honor this Full Moon, and have a good time, is to attend an event raising money for those in need. Please do your homework first to make sure the proceeds are not being diverted away from those who need help! Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Moon lit by Lightning © Sophie-Y