New Moon in Sagittarius, November 23, 2022

After the two eclipses, a nice normal upbeat New Moon at 01° 38’ Sagittarius on 23 November 2022, 02:57 PM PST will be very welcome indeed! There is a touch of irrational exuberance because the luminaries make an out-of-sign trine to Jupiter in Pisces. Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius are sitting close enough to the Sun and Moon to deepen the whole Sagittarius experience for us.

One thing is very clear on this New Moon, it’s no longer as muddy out there with fire and air returning to dominate this lunation along with mutable signs. That’s a big change from the eclipses where fixed earth and water ruled. We might feel like we have more options again as well as more possibilities for creating better outcomes. This Sagittarius New Moon brings with it the desire to expand our horizons and the need to explore those. The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius is willing and eager to help us seek a brighter outlook. Optimism rules again.

Retrograde Mars in Gemini is poised between a waning, debilitating square to Neptune in Pisces and a waxing trine to Saturn in Aquarius. This is one of those times when focusing our attention on the future is a good idea. Saturn in Aquarius does a nice job of keeping Mars in Gemini lined out and moving in a productive direction. The trine will be exact on November 28. By the way, if the whole retrograde Mars in Gemini squaring retrograde Mr. Foggy, Neptune in Pisces, had strong overtones of a Mercury retrograde it might be because Gemini is Mercury ruled and both planets are in mutable signs. At any rate, it sure did prove annoying.

The other outer planets are doing their own thing right now. The influence of the Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus continues to wane as these two planets move farther apart . . . something almost all of us are deeply grateful for.

Then there is the wide sextile between Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn which is about as close as it will get since Jupiter is stationing direct on this New Moon. Those who may benefit the most from this sextile are people undergoing a tough transit from Pluto in Capricorn because Jupiter in Pisces can help us keep the faith that all can work out for the best in the final analysis.

There is plenty to feel good about on this New Moon in Sagittarius. It really does mark the possibility of being able to make a fresh start. A spirit of optimism infuses the atmosphere giving us hope we can accomplish our goals. The only caveat is as the inner planets move through Sagittarius they will take turns squaring Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. We could see lots of people running about tilting at windmills and attempting to breathe new life into old, half-dead causes. Denial is strong as is the need to take risks and gamble on reckless choices. Be careful about jumping into situations that promise so much and will likely deliver very little. There will be times when the voices of reason speak up via Saturn in Aquarius but the likelihood of those being heard is not great. Eventually reality will return with lots of folks suffering bruised heads from running repeatedly into brick walls. Life is like that. For now enjoy the Sagittarius optimism and Jupiter inspired humor. Please remember to practice patience and tolerance along with gratitude for our many blessings. Peace and love to all.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Sagittarius © Hans Peter Kolb


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