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Welcome to my new home! I am Diane aka Neith, previously of Neithnet and Neith on Synastry Blogs – now combined here.

The realization behind the title of this blog/website is as a person with Libra Sun and Moon, I have spent my life pursuing an impossible dream . . . living a moderate, balanced life. Truth be told, most of the time I am running from one end of the see saw to the other with the occasional moment of clarity and balance. I will say that as I have grown older, those moments are more frequent.

The navbar at the top of the page will take you to different pages with more information about me.Β Older posts can be found on Diane’s Blog . Use the category list found on the leftΒ sidebar.

Look around, read, enjoy the pretty pictures and the Libra ambiance!

Latest News, Announcements, Etc

Due to far too many demands on my time and energy over the past year, I decided to make this free WordPress.com site the new home for Libra Seeking Balance. I remain hopeful that I will be able to start working with clients again in the not too distant future and that will be announced here.

If you wish to have my posts emailed to you, please go the leftΒ sidebar and sign up for that service. Most of the time the posts will arrive within minutes after I publish them!

5 responses to “Welcome to Libra Seeking Balance

  1. Just came across your blog from a post on Owls Wings and, as a person who also has sun and moon conjunct in Libra, I look forward to your insights. The current harsh aspects from the transiting Uranus Pluto square are also pasting me as I assume they are pasting you right now. Sympathy!

    • Welcome Jackie!

      The Uranus-Pluto square years have NOT been fun for this Libra either. Plus my progressed Moon has been in Aries for the past couple of years. It’s moving into Taurus tonight and I’m hopeful a stodgy Taurus progressed Moon will take some of the edge off. πŸ™‚

      Here’s to finding good, effective ways to keep the stress of constantly feeling pushed waaaaay off balance manageable.

      xoxo diane~

  2. Hi. I live you already. I did 7 poems in a very short time and I am not a poet at all before these 7 just poured out on me onto the paper here is one.. I think you might like it. I hope anyway
    Mindy Hopper

  3. Just wanted to share my poem with you….

    In the beginning this is my belief all trees started with one leaf, all that is matter begin with Neith.
    No need to question what was first the egg or the hen,
    Neith was first way back then.
    Most choose to live in sin, if only we knew we all were kin, for all my brothers and sisters, I want to protect you, get to know you, feel you, love every part of you, for when you ask ,
    I Say I Do…..😊


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