About Diane

I have my natal Sun in Libra, the sign of relationship, conjunct Chiron in Libra and have spent many years analyzing what makes us tick when it comes to relating to others. The self-knowledge gained from 20+ years of diligently searching for a good partner turned out to be very helpful is sustaining my marriage of twenty years. In other words, I bring an abundance of experience in relating to others to the table . . . practical experience, not theoretical.

Diane Lang (a.k.a. Neith) has been a student of astrology for more years than she cares to think about. In 1978, she studied with noted astrologer David Pond, which led to collecting birth data from family, friends and acquaintances. That was when she started her extensive astrological reference library which includes Liz Greene, Steven Arroyo, Robert Hand, Betty Lundsted, Martin Schulman, Dane Rudhyar, and many more. With Libra being the sign of both her Sun and Moon, her main area of interest is the astrology of relationships. Chiron conjuncting her Sun has been instrumental in learning through relating too.

She also started blogging on astrology in 2006 opening up myriad new avenues to expand her astrological knowledge base. In 2007 she started a second blog, Neith on Synastry, devoted exclusively to compatibility and synastry issues. Her formal education includes a B.A. in art with minors in psychology and biology. She has worked in art galleries, libraries, vet’s offices, and as an executive secretary and office manager. Now she is now happily self-employed as an astrologer.

She grew up on a small family farm in rural central Washington and over the years has lived in Montana, Wyoming, California, Arizona, and Finland before returning to live on the farm she grew up on. This journey is reflected in her North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius – combining a love of solitude and living close to nature with a deep interest in others. The Internet has been the key to combining these elements.