Swimming with the Pisces Moon today 6-15-2017

Well before dawn the Moon dives into Pisces and we’ll need to brush up on our ability to navigate in the fog. The Pisces Moon does have a good day with a sweet trine to Mars in Cancer helping empower her along with a dreamy late night sextile to Venus in Taurus. We need to practice using our “indoor voices” today and resist the urge to trample all over people to achieve our goals. One thing Pisces is very good at is figuring out how to get their way by using very effective but indirect means. I wouldn’t call this a productive day but we can continue to make some progress. 🌠☽♓🌠

The Gemini Sun faces stiff opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius today which translates into something similar for us. However . . . if we tend to business and fulfill our responsibilities in a timely manner, we should be good. Those who play fast and loose with the rules are the ones who will suffer. Another tense aspect is Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. I can see this one leading to severe suppression of the information Mercury in Gemini loves to disseminate freely. Speaking out of turn in front of the authorities could have unpleasant results. Be careful!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: Pisces © jekyYoung

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